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Cleaning & Sizing
How can I clean my hat?

Finished Leather Hats Use Bickmore Saddle Soap to clean the hat. Use a clean slightly damp napped cloth (not a sponge) and make... More

Do you make baseball caps?

Sorry, we do not produce baseball caps. More

Do you have a wholesale minimum order?

Yes, but our minimum is low. We only require a 12 hat minimum order and it is open stock. So you can mix... More

What is the best way to determine my hat size?

As hat sizes are somewhat inconsistent throughout the industry (one company's size 7 ½ could be vastly different from another's), it would probably... More

What is your return policy?

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, be it a sizing issue, or if you simply changed your mind,... More

What are your specific guarantees?

Our lifetime guarantee covers any craftsmanship defect. The American Hat Makers Lifetime Guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear,... More

Are your hats fade resistant?

Although fading is always ultimately inevitable , many of our leathers and fabrics have been treated to resist fading due to sun exposure.... More

How weather resistant are your hats?

Our hats handle weather without any problems. Rain or snow poses no worries for the wearer, and with 100% UV Protection, that applies... More

What kind of sun protection do your hats provide?

Our Leathers and suedes not only offer all-season rain protection, but also offer 100% UV protection. With a UPF of over 60 you... More

Can I pack my hat in a suitcase?

Our Crusher style hats are completely “crushable”, and can be easily wadded up and packed in a suitcase. Some of our other styles... More

Can you refurbish my hat?

Yes we can. Refurbishments start at $35 and go up from there depending on the work needed. We ask that you send us... More

How can I get extra sweat liners and/or size reducers?

Although our high-quality hats are designed to last forever, our Sweat Patches will eventually wear out. If you frequently wear your hat (as... More

How can I clean/maintain my sweatliners?

One of the great features of an American Hat Makers hat is the removable and washable Sweat Patch. When the Sweat Patch becomes... More