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Cleaning & Sizing
How can I clean my hat?

Finished Leather Hats Use Bickmore Saddle Soap to clean the hat. Use a clean slightly damp napped cloth (not a sponge) and make... More

How should I store my hat?

Several American Hat Makers styles feature a brim that is sloped downwards, both at the front and back of the hat, which greatly... More

How can I track my order?

If you provided us with your email address when you placed your order, we will send you an email to confirm shipment (which... More

Do you offer custom work?

Unfortunately, as we are extremely busy keeping up with the tremendous demand for our high quality hats, we do not offer custom work. More

Can I mix and match hatbands?

Yes you can. Simply order an Unbanded version of any of our hats on our site, and then visit the hatbands section to... More

Can I buy your hats wholesale?

Please direct any wholesale inquiries to  More

How do I install a chinstrap at home?

If your hat has a mesh crown, you can simply string the chinstrap through the mesh. First, poke 1 hole on each side... More