Men and women wearing top hats on motorcycles and standing outside

2021 Is ‘The Year’ to Wear a Top Hat

An Optimistic Outlook Urging You to Invest in a Top Hat 

As most people within the country put their social lives on hold during 2020 they are anxious and hopeful that they will be able to return, in person, to weddings, music festivals, and other celebratory events this year. Although the global health crisis has yet to shift into full light, there is a glimmer of possibility that things will change now that Biden is planning to purchase enough doses of COVID-19 shots to get every American vaccinated by the end of summer. With an optimistic outlook and anticipatory solace, we are preparing for the best possible outcome by looking forward to formal and festive events that, without saying, urge both men and women to invest in a top hat. 

Prepare for your best friend’s day to tie the knot, dancing amongst the crowds at Lollapalooza, and strutting your stuff at the Electric Zoo by pre-planning what you are going to wear. Imagine sporting the sophistication and brilliant allure of a top hat, while also maintaining a playful prestige amongst the crowds. Now embrace how you feel wearing such a respectful accessory as you're walking down the aisle or up to the stage. Capture that sweet essence with the following collection of classy men’s and women’s top hats. Be prepared for the big day or big week once it arrives, and make history wearing a hat that has already made history

Fun, Fancy, & Formal Top Hats

The handcrafted, Victorian-inspired aesthetic of a top hat can be fun, fancy, or formal depending on which hat you choose and what you wear it with. Whether your look has the badass edge of the Voodoo Hatter, the boho spunk of the Steampunk Hatter, or the class of the Ashbury hat brand, you’ll be able to add a bit of fierceness and personality to your ensemble with the a modern skillfully-crafted top hat.

Fun Top Hats That Will Make You Want to Party

Armageddon isn’t happening anytime soon, yet it’s never a bad idea to bring out your inner Boy/Girl Scout and always be prepared. The Time Port Steampunk Top Hat is a fun and funky way to spice up your look so that you’re ready for A Series of Unfortunate Events in a Mad Max sort of way. Fully-equipped for any and all situations, this quality leather top hat can turn you into a time-traveler for the day, night, or week. 

Imagine Dragons took the world by storm when they topped the music charts with “Radioactive” and you’ll do the same at any festivity wearing the Draco Dragon Top Hat. Although the accessory isn’t an anagram, like the name of the five-pieced band, it is a masterpiece of fierce design and regal pedigree. The detailed scale pattern, scalloped leather band, powerful wing accent, and serpentine eye all come together to speak of battles yet to win and skies to soar. Wear it with pride and confidence, as its beauty will roar all through the night. 

The Day of the Dead may be more than a few months away, but that’s ok, it’s nice to plan ahead with the El Dorado Red Death Voodoo Hatter. Black quality leather, red roses, ruby eyed skulls, and feathers make this stylized hat a must have for your celebration of All Saints’ Day. Tip your top hat in honor of those that can not be there in flesh and blood as you gather with friends and family. You’ll feel their approval as a sixth sense. 

Fancy Top Hats For That Perfect Occasion

 Investigate the human psyche with the power of prediction while wearing the Oracle Top Hat and you’ll feel able to transcend time and space. The sexy and classic leather top hat is a true dream for the ladies looking to boost their morale in an elegant way. Wear it to an evening event or use it to showcase your individualistic style, regardless of your intention the Oracle will help you enter The Matrix in style.   

The El Dorado Top Hat with a chain band brings fancy grunge (which in this case is not an oxymoron) to every social scene in a manly sort of way. With black leather and attention to detail the Voodoo Hatter evokes the ready to roll attitude that comes with the roar of the throttle. Wear it every time the highway whispers the call of adventure in your ear and show up ready to rumble. 

Top Hats That Accentuate Formal Events

Picture a groom wearing a Stove Piper Top Hat with a colored band that matches the wedding theme standing in front of the altar waiting for his beautiful bride to join him. Now invision his groomsmen lined up next to him in El Dorado Top Hats without bands so that they show some style, but don’t demand all the attention. The entire scene is eloquent, powerful, and implies a formality that the act of marriage embraces through tradition. Made with love and made for a lifetime, these men’s top hats are made to last forever. Just like his commitment to his vows.

Some events require an extra bit of flare that luckily you found on sale. The Silver Starburst for women is your platinum pleaser that will add a distinctive final touch to your formal evening wear. Between the two tear-drop Swarovski crystals and the pom of shiny silver netting, this accessory is made to impress! Just like our next feature. 

If you’ve always wanted to feel like a model walking down a Central Park stage during a fashion show, then we have the perfect accessory for you. The Chain Me Gold lady’s metallic leather top hat will not only stop viewers in their tracks, but it will make them drool in envy. The sheek design features crystal rivets and a delicate veil that grabs everyone’s attention. Wear it to shine a little brighter and create the perfect amount of buzz at your next high-end social gathering. 

Showcase Your Top Hat Flare For Fashion This Year

With positivity and anticipation prepare for your fun, fancy, and formal events now by investing in an impressive, quality top hat. Showcase you flare for fashion in 2021 and experience the sense of freedom you get when you’re able to express yourself in a top notch manner. At American Hat Makers we make hand-crafted, timeless, and iconic top hats that we believe are perfect accessories for all your favorite festivities.