3 Times Philanthropy Became a Superpower


3 Times Philanthropy Became a Superpower

So, we find ourselves regardless of race, nationality, and creed, collectively paused, temporarily stunned by an invader. A hostile one at that. All systems are fractured and so might your health care system be too. It is all about stemming the spread of this nasty thing and keeping our families and heroes safe, so they can provide us their sworn oath with all the safety we can give them. This means we stay in, wear masks in public and the all-important WASH YOUR HANDS concept. So important is it, there are now songs to accompany the act to remind you of your duties and to ensure you clean for long enough. 


Well, in troubled times humanity can do a good job of sticking together. In this post, we at American Hat Makers want to thank our 1st responders by donating PPE equipment, and we can continue to do this with your help. We have already donated our entire stock of PPE equipment to the 1st responders on the front line. We are expecting our next delivery of masks and we will be donating those as well. As long as we are operational, we will do our part to continue to donate and support our 1st responders and you can be a part of that.  Just make a purchase on leather hats, top hats or even sun hats for sitting it out in the garden. We think it is our responsibility to be part of the solution and we hope you can resonate and even join the cause. That said, who else can we look to for inspiration in this time of need. Let’s have a quick look into 3 American philanthropists who did their thing quietly, hero-like. 


George Peabody


Born into poverty in a town South Parish in the year 1795, This guy was a superhero for sure. A classic rags-to-riches story that ends in epic kindness and even a royal interment in Westminster Abbey after his death, an accord kept only for Kings and Queens. Not to mention his hometown renamed itself after him.  



The American Dream started early with this intrepid go-getter. Leaving school at 11 and eventually pioneering merchant business before settling in London and getting into finance.



Peabody amassed a fortune of $20,000,000. Most of which was given away in philanthropic works. His generosity includes a library, art gallery, music academy, a historical museum and library in Peabody, Mass., a natural history museum at Yale University. Harvard got a museum of archaeology. He was just beginning, the Peabody Education Fund used $3,500,000 to help educate southern children of any race.

Charles Francis "Chuck" Feeney 


Never heard of this guy? That is because he gave away his fortune in secret over many years. Born on April 23rd in 1931 to Irish American parents he would become a successful businessman and philanthropist after the success of his business ventures. 



This fortune was well earned and pioneered the concept of DUTY-FREE sales, growing from one airport to many too all, then moving on to retail in general. DFS may well be a recognized name for many readers, those who don't have surely purchased something on your travels in your life or at the very least walked through a shiny showcase of pleasant smells. 



It is said, and only after a business dispute meant he had to present financial documents, he had given away 8 billion dollars over his lifetime. Yes, that’s million with a ‘B.’ The epic generous Charles who is known to live in frugality, never owning a car and renting modest homes, did his quiet kind thing though the limited life foundation ‘Atlantic Philanthropies.’ This provided health, social and reform in politics in many countries spanning the globe and is due to close in the year 2020. 


John Paul Getty Jr.


This chap was born into luxury on the open seas near Greece in 1932. His father was one of America’s richest men. This guy would battle demons and go on to become a British Knight of The Realm, eventually changing his name to Sir Paul Getty.



The Getty money came from Oil and lots of it too. After serving in th Korean war John made his way to the UK and found success and stability. 



It’s estimated he gifted more than $170 million to charitable causes. Those associated with the arts were the most beneficiary of Sir Paul’s generosity. The Getty name is synonymous with art and museums containing art.  


We are in to win it with you


Above we have witnessed giving at its most fragrant. Kindnesses worth more than the sum of their parts.  We at American Hats would like to continue the kindness and camaraderie we all deserve and to preserve our way of life and job security. This is not the first time we have given back. Our Hats for Heroes was a huge success that followed Hat Day in the Sun 2017, a drive to give away 500 hats to highlight skin safety in America. 


Into today’s issue, masks are priority number one for us and the emergency services of the united states. By purchasing any one of our products we will keep giving PPE equipment such as masks and gloves and anything else a 1st responder might need to stay safe from the COVID19 virus, a deadly virus as we have no doubt witnessed on the news or in person. 




Our employees and customers are why we do what we do. Help us preserve this by scrolling through our products, knowing a purchase will help the heroes, our staff and the community at large. 


What are you doing during this time?

Some things we are doing to stay positive and looking forward.

  • Taking walks around the neighborhood, in a Sun Hat of course😉
  • Checking in on loved ones.
  • Limiting our outings, and when we do go out checking in with family, friends, and neighbors to see if they need anything. This will limit the number of people out and about.
  • ☝️☝️☝️ Being of service, by performing these little esteemable acts we can make sure that none of us feel alone during this time of isolation.
  • Start a gratitude list, put it somewhere that you will see it all day(maybe the fridge😉). Update that Gratitude list daily! Encourage others to do the same. 

Now here is the important part, share with us on Social Media what you are doing during this time.

You can find us on Facebook and share your stories.

Stay healthy, and keep on keeping on.