Woman wearing a Black Valiant Fedora by American Hat Makers


4 Tips for Women on Styling Straw Fedoras This Summer

The Straw Fedora: Universally Flattering and Feminine

Although the fedora is commonly associated with masculine gangsters during the Prohibition era, dapper gentlemen such as Humphrey Bogart, and male pop stars like Justin Timberlake, it was first introduced to the public eye by a woman. 

In 1882 at the théâtre du Vaudeville, in Paris, French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt wore the soft brim and indented crown hat while performing as the heroine of the play titled Fédora. Critics immediately predicted her look would “affect the fashions,” and it did. The name stuck and shortly thereafter the fedora became popular amongst women activists fighting for gender equality during the late 19th century. 

Today, women seeking practical headwear and a stylish silhouette wear fedoras to 1) protect themselves against nature’s elements and 2) showcase their edgy, yet incredibly versatile, aesthetic. During the summer months straw fedoras are preferred due to their lightweight, breathable, and comfortable construction that offers some shade. With a variety of wide, short, and floppy brims, straw fedoras are universally flattering on most face shapes and compliment just about any sunshine-seeking outfit.  

If you’re looking to get a little extra coverage from the sun while also amping up your fashionably feminine summer look, then the following style guide can help. 

4 Style Tips for Wearing Straw Fedoras

Beat the summer heat with a straw fedora hat that accents your hairstyle and looks amazing with just about anything you wear. The following fashion-forward tips provide a plethora of pairing ideas, inspiration, and insights for you to choose from so that your summer look is on point. 

1 - Choose the right brim size for the activity

It’s a no-brainer to see that a 3.5” brim provides more shade than a 2” brim, and that if you’re spending the entire day outside you may need more shade! Opt for wider brim on the days you head to the beach and pair it with your favorite modern bikini, pair of cutoff jean shorts, or sheer kaftan coverup. Since wide-brimmed straw fedoras can easily be dressed up and down, you can be confident it will protect your face against the sun’s rays and look stunning while doing so. 

Ex: Women’s Roxy Straw Hat - As a classic Panama style hat that provides ultimate comfort and lightweight construction, this hat belongs at the cabana, on the boardwalk, or at any outdoor event. The 3 1/2" wide brim, available in a variety colors, and the mesh straw 4" breathable crown makes it a must-have for the hottest of hot days. Wear it while doing something active, whereby the chin strap will keep it in place, or lounging with your favorite book oceanside, it doesn’t matter because the Roxy was made to be worn with just about anything.

2 - Select neutral-colored straw fedora hats for a classic appeal

Although adding a little color can be a good thing, classic neutral tones such as cream, tan, and black will give your look a timeless sophistication. Wear a natural straw fedora to a luncheon downtown or a day out with your lady friends while wearing anything from a casual pair of jeans and tank top to an adorable romper.

Ex: Women’s Milan Straw Fedora - The Milan Fedora adds an easy, breezy, and effortlessly cool look to your favorite summer apparel with its 2-¾” brim and 4” indented crown. Made from material that resembles the classic Panama toquilla hat and in a shape that gives the allure of western fashion, its sleek design will protect you from the sun in absolute style.

3 - Think about your hairstyle when selecting a straw fedora 

Most fedoras will compliment anything from long locks of curly, wavy, or straight hair to shorter pixie cuts and bobs, so there’s no real threat there. However, if you’re going for a boho-inspired look consider adding a low loose side braid or chignon and if you’re after a more clean cut or even dapper style then wear your hair straight or pulled back to accentuate your neck line. The best part of fedoras is how versatile they truly are, so that you can utilize your hairstyle in a way that further characterizes your personal style. 

Ex: Women’s Tuscany Straw Fedora Hat - This classic straw variation showcases its lasting relevance in the world of fashion and its ability to compliment any and all hairstyles. The Tuscany fedora was built to give a universally flattering shape. Pair it with a floral bralette while you let your hair do whatever it pleases or glam it up in a floaty maxi dress and a chic chignon updo, either way you can easily dress it down or up to match the event. 

4 - Opt to wear a tightly-weaved fancy fedora at a business event or an outdoor wedding

The beauty of straw fedoras is that they can be worn casually or to more formal occasions because their high-end appeal depends on their high-quality weave. Choose a fedora that has a tighter, clean weave such as the herringbone-like pattern of the Cuenca weave or the fine, diamond shaped squares of the Brisa weave. The two look gorgeous on their own, however when some sort of creative patterning is incorporated into their design they can look even fancier so that they add an element of elegance to a casual pair of trousers or a shapely monotone dress. 

Ex: Gigi Pip Arlo Straw Fedora Hat - The Arlo is a teardrop fedora with a slightly curled up brim which has a universally flattering shape. It features special hand woven venting on the crown and brim, plus a genuine leather multi-strand band and a Gigi Pip bronze pin for a touch of pure elegance. 

Feminine, Fun, and Fabulous Straw Fedora Hats

Over the years hat makers, such as American Hat Makers, have expanded the straw fedora’s look by altering its brim size, incorporating different weaves, and adding more decorative hat bands. In many ways these adaptations have given the hats a more feminine and versatile appeal that allows them to be worn with just about any hairstyle and outfit. With the highest quality in mind, these practical and stylish hats not only are universally flattering, but they represent a piece of women’s history that we should always remember. The fedora was once and still can be seen as a symbol of women's rights. And today she has the right to be, to look like, and to wear anything she chooses!