5 Best Rain Hats To Protect You From Nature’s Fury

Hats that Protect You from the Elements: Men’s Rain Hats & Women’s Rain Hats

The common saying “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers” has additional meaning when it comes to hat protection. March winds require a chinstrap, April showers make you think about waterproofing, and May sunshine helps you revel in the shade created by a wider brim. 

With winter’s dormancy fading and COVID-19 restrictions being lifted due to the rollout of the vaccine, it’s time to fashionably re-emerge to an active, outdoor lifestyle. Don’t let the liveliness of spring’s variable weather patterns stop you. Instead, embrace the opportunity to be prepared for any and all of nature’s elements with a high-quality, durable, and unisex rain hat. 

With one of these rain hats, you’ll be 100% ready for the wind, rain, and radiant sunshine so weather is less likely to deter you from new adventures!

Women’s Rain Hats: Water Resistant, Durable, Stunning

There are a few features above and beyond their aesthetic appeal that make these rain hats top sellers. The use of high-quality, weatherproofed topgrain leather or waxed cotton is one of them. The materials not only allow water to roll right off of them so that your face, neck, and shoulders stay dry, but they add a bit of durability so that they maintain their shape after being soaked to the brim. 

Which points out the value of being indestructible. Durability is another fabulous quality that makes these hats mostly packable and easy to care for. Some styles may need a few more precautions taken to assure they maintain their shape, however a greater percentage of them are so soft and pliable that they’ll return to their original form regardless of how much abuse they are put through. 

Lastly, and to some of you this is going to be the most important feature, these hats are absolutely stunning. Let’s face the facts, a functional hat gains popularity when it looks just as good as it works and these unisex rain hats were designed to be attractive! Whether you prefer an outback style, cowboy hat, or fedora you’ll find something that both fits and makes you feel confident enough to tackle the day. 

#1 Men’s Midnight Rider Bravo Hat and Women’s Midnight Rider Hat 

Handcrafted with weatherproofed topgrain leather, the Midnight Rider is a unisex masterpiece that fits any head size. Find it within the men’s, womens, or hats for big heads collections and then choose between black, chestnut, or walnut coloring. This American Outback style hat is made to be just as hard-working as you within any environment. With padded removable, washable, and replaceable sweat liners that wick away moisture like a pro you’ll be comfortable in rain or shine. Pack it, crush it, or wear it, doesn’t matter, because the Midnight Rider will always be ready to accompany you on any outdoor adventure. 

#2 Men’s Cyclone Cowboy Hat and Women’s Cyclone Cowboy Hat 

The Cyclone Cowboy Hat has several features that mimic the Midnight Rider, however it embraces the Wild West’s notorious style and feel. Made to look amazing on anyone and everyone that wears it, the Cyclone is available all sizes and 7 different distinctive colors. Match your mood with whichever way the wind blows by wearing one these boldly curved and textured topgrain cowhide beauties. Their classic shape and pinched crown will help you stay happy, go lucky and carefree throughout the entire season. 

#3 Trail Dust Outback Fedora Hat

Handcrafted of waxed cotton, the Trail Dust Outback Fedora features a wide brim that will protect you from all of nature’s elements. With a distressed look it creates a raw and rustic vibe that will never need to be broken in. Instead it is virtually indestructible because the more you pack it, crush it, or stomp on it, this hat just gets better looking. Find in a variety of sizes from small to 3X as a hat for big heads

#4 Roughneck Buffalo Leather Hat

The Roughneck Buffalo leather hat is the perfect adventure companion given it’s stylish, comfortable, and has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating. Made of bison leather, which is on average 6x thicker than cowhide, it’s nearly indestructible and will last you a lifetime. Find it in 4 impressive colors: brown, black, chocolate, and cognac, and within an array of sizes. It will not only keep you protected from the weather, but it will bring out your inner child's obsession with Indian Jones or Robyn Davidson who at age 26 in 1977 embarked on a 1700 mile journey through the Western Australian desert with three camels and a dog named Diggity. Add a chinstrap or hat hook to hang next to your door so that you never leave it behind.  

#5 Mountaineer Outback Leather Hat

If you are looking for the next addition to your backcountry adventure wardrobe, then look no further. The Mountaineer Outback Leather Hat is an all-weather beauty made of the best textured leather hide available. It’s wide, shapeable brim and soft, ultra luxurious firewater leather construction both protects you on warm days by blocking the sun's UV rays and on rainy days by allowing water to roll straight to the ground. As a unique masterpiece, this hat is sure to help you feel right at home in whatever corner of the earth you find yourself and regardless of the season. 

Protect Yourself From Nature’s Fury with a Rain Hat 

Since the beginning of mankind hats have been used as protective gear to shield from the wind, rain, and sun. Today’s rain hats are no exception as they are made to be water resistant, durable, and absolutely stunning in a fashionable sense. So this spring season make sure that as March winds require a chinstrap, April showers remind you of waterproofing, and May sunshine requires a wider brim, you are ready with a high-quality, durable, and unisex rain hat. Choose any one of these top 5 featured rain hats or visit American Hat Makers to view more. With an array of options you’ll find the perfect style, color, and size to suit you!