5 Reasons Why You Need a Stylish Winter Hat This Season


5 Reasons Why You Need a Stylish Winter Hat This Season

The Myth & The Winter Hat Reality

There’s a popular medical myth that begins to circulate every year as the wind starts to howl, glistening precipitation falls from the sky, and temperatures dramatically drop. It’s one that we’ve all heard before in an attempt to assure we bundle up in weather resilient jackets, gloves, boots, and most importantly a warm wool felt hat.  

“Make sure to put on a hat, you’ll lose half your body heat if you don’t and freeze to death.” Grandma’s voice echoes in several generation’s ears each winter. 

Although this fact came from military experiments conducted in the 1950s, it has since been disproven. Heat loss from any body region is largely dependent upon surface area and the head comprises only about 10% of your body’s total surface area. Therefore it’s more accurate to assume we lose closer to 10% of our body heat from our heads, and that is if every other part of us is fully insulated. In extreme circumstances the relative amount of heat loss from our heads can vary and be significantly greater, however that isn’t entirely the point here. 

The point is, Grandma wasn’t 100% incorrect when she instilled an ounce of fear in our psychosis to coax us into grabbing a hat! When the harsh weather starts to roar any heat loss can be on the spectrum from incredibly uncomfortable to detrimental. So our best piece of advice is, defy cold ambient temperatures, confidently maintain your body’s internal thermostat, and sport a cozy look that helps you feel your best this season. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to wear your favorite stylish wool felt winter hat, knit cap, or ruggish weather resistant hat this winter. 

#1 Cap Off Your Body’s Heat 

Just as you’d put a cap on the champagne to keep it bubbly, put a cap on your head to trap in your body’s heat. The Betty Bowler wool felt fedora with a red plaid underside of the leather brim was designed to keep your noggin toasty without sacrificing your fashionable appearance. Yet if the weather outside is frightful and you need a little more coverage, than the Broner Shimmer Beanie is exactly what you’ll want. The adjustable fold, chunky braided weave, and adorable pom-pom make it a classic cozy option for the chilliest of days. There are options galore to help you cap off your body’s heat this season.

#2 Add Another Layer of Weather Defense

If the precipitation falling from the sky has yet to crystalize and freeze then the rain hats for both women and men will protect you against nature’s fury. Add another layer of weather defense with the Midnight Rider or Midnight Rider Bravo Hat, which will easily let the rain roll off it like droplets rolling down an otter’s back. Or choose something a little fancier with the Bayou Cowboy Hat, which comes in 12 leather variations that all provide striking lines and a bold attitude. Why sacrifice playing outside when you have water resistant, stylish, and highly durable hat options?

#3 Prevent Hypothermia & Frostbite

Hypothermia and frostbite may or may not have been a reality in the area you live in, but it’s something to be aware of come the change of seasons considering our bizarre and erratic weather patterns. Our bodies function best at 98.6 degrees and if/when our core temperature drops below 95 degrees an internal alarm rings to let us know we’re in the danger zone. If you feel yourself shivering, confused, drowsy, and unable to enunciate your speech, your body is letting you know it’s shunting your body’s warm blood to keep your vital organs warm. 

Wear a hat to maintain optimal body heat and cover your ears so they don’t suffer the grip of frostbite. The option seems like an easy choice when considering the “what if” worse case scenario relating to extreme cold temperatures. We suggest the Bison Subzero Leather Packable Winter Hat with faux fur lining on incredibly chilly days and the Broner Beanie Knit Cap when you want to cover your ears. In fact, add the two together or combine the Broner Beanie Knit Cap with any other hat style and you have the best of both worlds!  

#4 Cover Up the Season of Bad Hair Days

Many say winters are the season of bad hair. We say, thank goodness because that makes hats an easy accessory to add to your winter wardrobe! Embrace the season’s dampening effect on your curls. Let go of the idea that hairspray is going to do you any good against heavy precipitation and get used to the full on hair fluffing aspects of wind. Instead, plan to wear a hat that compliments your complexion and face shape so that your head dressing will be an insulating addition to your winter style that you’ll never leave home without! 

Two of our favorites include the Townsman Outback Fedora Hat lined with faux fur, and the Motown Wool Felt Fedora which comes in 5 distinct yet complementary colors. Bad hair days don’t truly exist when you have an excellent hat to accentuate your casual, chic, and adventurous look.   

#5 Boost Confidence by Defining Your Winter Style

Accessorize in a way that not only warms your head but it nurtures your heart by consolidating your fashionable expression with your ability to apply self-care. If you’re in the mood for cozy and casual, add the Bushwick Wool Felt Fedora to a mountain ready puffy and hygge scarff. Or if you’re feeling more refined and sleek, combine the McQueen Felt Hat with a lambswool full length double-breasted button up polo coat.  

This season you can let your fashionable affirmations redefine your style and your style re-establish your approach to temperatures that often keep us isolated and indoors. Play outside with confidence and charisma knowing you both look good and you’re going to be toasty warm! Tis’ the season to defy cold ambient temperatures with weather resilient headwear and a go getter adventurous personality.