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A Guide to Some of the Best Summer Hats for Men for the 2021Summer

Summer is the time where hats get to shine. They give you shade, keep your head cool, and make you look great while doing so. It is no wonder that many people start wearing hats during summer. As summer is beginning to make its way around again, many of you might wonder what the best summer hats are. 


To help you decide which hats you should be rocking through summer, we have made a list of the best hats for you. In this, we discuss what you should be looking for in summer hats. We also give you our recommendation on which hats you should be donning in the summer heat. 


So, get ready to rock out your new collection of hats this summer season


Hat Specifications 


These are the specifics that you should be looking at when you will be choosing any hat for summer. Make sure to read through the list before starting your hat buying journey. 




The most important thing to look at when buying a hat for the summer season is the hat’s material. If you live in the northern hemisphere, then summers are hot. That’s why you want a fabric that won’t make you feel extra hot. 


Since hats sit on your head, you especially don’t want to have your scalp and head turn too hot. That is a one-way express ticket to heatstroke. That’s why you want to avoid hats made from fabrics like wool, felt, and leather. These fabrics will turn your head into an oven if you go out in the sun wearing them. 


The Summer Straw Hat is the best option when it comes to fabric. Other materials like cotton and some blends of synthetic fabric also can work great. Mesh hats are also a great alternative to straw if your skin is allergic to straw. Similarly, palm fibers (traditionally used to make the classic Panama hats) are also a great choice but rarely available. 




Since you want your hat to provide at least a little shade to your face, hats with wider brims are better. Your summer hat should have a wide but light brim. Hats with these kinds of brims are best suited to be regularly worn when you are going out in the summer heat. 




When you put a hat on your head in summer, you want it to feel lightweight and easy to wear. Your hat should be light in weight. A hat's weight depends on its material and the build. Don't go for the hats made out of heavier fabrics, as that can feel heavy on your head. Lightweight hats feel much better on your head during the summers. 


Best Summer Hats for Men 


Panama Hat 


The perfect summer hats, Panama hats are distinctive and comfortable. Traditionally they were made of palm fibers that have been weaved multiple times. However, many modern Panama hats are made out of straws instead.


Panama hats are lightweight and feel quite breezy on your head. They mostly come in light and pastel colors, so you don’t have to worry about extra heat on your scalp. The crown is a fair bit up from your head and stops hot air from being trapped in the space. 


They are an excellent choice for anything from business casual to formal attire. Just don’t show up with a printed graphic tee and ripped denim jeans when you want to wear a Panama hat. Though with a good hat and enough confidence, you might be able to pull that off as well. 


Straw Fedora Hats 


While traditionally, Fedoras are made out of felt or leather to help them keep their trademark shape. With modern straw and some inspiration from traditional hat-making techniques from the topics, you can now find Fedoras made out of straw. 


They are not relatively as light as a Panama hat, but they still make for a great summer hat. They are breathable and lightweight. Their wide brims are great to provide some much-needed shade to your neck and face. 


Fedoras look great with smart outfits. They are excellent choices for any summer occasions that you would be attending. 


Cowboy Hat 


If you want a more rugged look, you can go for a cowboy hat instead. While people traditionally made cowboy hats out of fur, felt, or even leather, modern cowboy hats are often made out of straw or mesh fabric. 


Cowboy hats are the perfect hat when you want a wide brim hat. Cowboy hats will give you one of the biggest brims. It will completely shade your neck and face at all times. These hats are pretty rugged.


They are not as lightweight as the other selections on our list. The reason for this is their durability and ruggedness. Even though they might not be light, the mesh fabric is really breathable. 


It is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a hat while wearing more casual outfits daily. 




There are many styles of hats that you can use during the summer. The style determines the width of the brim and the weight of the build. The fabric of the hat is more important. With the right fabric, you can wear pretty much any hat during the summer. Fabrics like straw and mesh make for the perfect hat material for summer hats. 


As long as the hat feels comfortable on your head, you can use that hat in the summer. Make sure that you are not wearing hats that will make your head feel excessively hot. You should avoid these hats in the summer. 


All you need to have the perfect summer hat is the confidence to wear it and matching it to your style and wardrobe. A good summer hat is an essential accessory that all men should have in their wardrobe. They look good and make you feel good. They also protect you from the sun. 


So, head on out with the perfect summer hat this summer.