A True American Hat Company


A True American Hat Company

A True American Hat Company 

Entrepreneurialism has been deeply embedded into American culture since the country was first founded and settled by risk takers, innovators, and dreamers in the early 1600s. Integrity, boldness, and the ability to have a vision for betterment helped solidify the U.S. as the land of opportunity that allowed men, such as Thomas Edison, Howard Hughes, and John D. Rockefeller, to establish themselves as inventors, philanthropists, and business magnates. Today these men are celebrated as heroes for their fearless contributions, considered examples of extraordinary success, and studied by entrepreneurs seeking inspiration.

Just as Henry Ford shaped the automotive industry, Gary Watrous has influenced the craftsmanship of quality American hats. With integrity, boldness, and unyielding determination, Gary, the founder of American Hat Makers, had a vision to create a company rooted in tradition. His humble beginning in 1972 selling handmade leather goods out of the back of this Chevy station wagon has now become one of the top businesses for handmade leather hats. With 50 years of experience and the integration of several family members, American Hat Makers offers seven distinct product lines to guarantee a hat for any occasion. 

Handmade Hats and A Family Business 

With the help of Gary’s son Garth, his daughter-in-law Hannah, his wife Merry-Lee, and several other family members, American Hat Makers has been able to reach new heights. In 2017, Garth was elected president of the Headwear Association and has used this position to positively influence the worldwide hat industry. American Hat Makers (also or formerly known as Monterey Bay Hats, Head’N Home, American Hat Company, and American Hats) continues to surpass the competition in providing the most durable, high-quality, handmade hats to the market. 

Some say a company that truly cares treats their employees and customers like extended family. Well, when you’re working with your family that part is easy, and when you offer a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship your customers feel valued in a familial way. American Hat Makers holds their customers’ satisfaction as a priority and it’s easy to see that in the reviews. 

What people say reflects the characteristics of a company that cares:

“Top job on another hat ..... Everyone stops me to hear the story on my hat , I love it and it seems othefeel the same.... Looking for my next one !!!!”

“Checked off my bucket list and everything I always dreamed of! Craftsmanship is phenomenal and customer service unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 66 years. Will purchase more hats!”

“I feel top hats are completely underrated and under utilized these days. Not only do I love my hat, but the quality is palpable every time it goes on my head. Definitely need, not want, a dozen more.”

It’s this type of feedback that defines hat-making excellence in an industry that seamlessly blends fashion and function for everyone.  


Hat Makers That Value Tradition and Apply Innovation 

As John D. Rockefeller once said, “Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” At American Hat Makers we do precisely that by honoring tradition and embracing modern practices so that we can deliver hats of the highest quality and craftsmanship to the market. In our opinion, hats are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of history and have the ability to make you feel more like a risk taker, innovator, and adventurer ready to achieve your American dream.