customized top hat with horns and an alligator next to Alice Cooper

Stand out from the crowd with a one of a kind hat!

Want to add a little more spice to your look?

People send us pictures all of the time showing off the personal touches they add to their hats and we love it! A hat should be YOURS! There's a million and one ways you can customize your hat, and we encourage everyone to let their creative side loose every once in a while. Whether it's the hat you've worn daily for decades or the hat that's been buried in the closet for years, any hat can be revived and rejuvenated for a new look.

A lot of our hat styles like the Western Cowboy Hat and the El Dorado Top Hat have a shapeable wire in the brim. The shape of your brim can change the look of the hat entirely. Over the years we've seen some awesome variations for how people wear their hats. Some like to wear their brims high and tight with an aggressive curl, and others like wide and flat. Some change the shape of their brim depending on their mood, or whichever activity they're doing!

I have a wide brimmed sun hat called the Soaker mesh sun hat in my collection that I often wear hiking and biking.

If mom asks, I've got a helmet on. I'll go for a bike ride in the afternoon sun and I'll wear the brim flat, and later on when the sun goes down and I need better night vision, I tie the brim up like a cowboy hat using the chinstrap so it's out of my eyes. One hat, two very different looks and functions.

On that same hat, I've attached a very special pin of mine to the hatband. Adding pins to hats has been a tradition almost as long as the hat making profession itself. Whether it's a pin from your favorite sports team, an award you've earned, or just one that you like, a well placed pin can turn a great hat into THE great hat.

A lot of people still don't know this, but we offer a variety of un-banded hats and hatbands so you can mix and match to create a truly unique look that suits you best. The combinations you can make are endless, and some of which have never been done before. We've seen some of our customers make some combinations that we wish we had thought of first! What kind of combinations catch your eye?