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An American Hat Company in Support of Our National Heroes

An American Hat Company in Support of Our National Heroes

As Americans, the words "patriot'' and “hero” can often be seen as interchangeable. For centuries these expressions have brought hope and unification to our people through their ability to inspire, protect, and uphold our nation’s independence. Brave women and men that serve or have served within the military (US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard) know a greater depth of what these terms truly mean given their dedication and commitment to step into action regardless of the cost he or she might have to pay. Their pledge to protect the United States is beyond admirable, and for that we (civilians) owe them a great amount of respect.

At American Hat Makers, we believe in honoring those that have served our country and have therefore created “Hats for American Heroes” in an effort to do just that. Through our initiative we strive to create more awareness for the 19 million U.S. veterans that have returned from overseas, many of which are struggling to readjust to life off the battlefield. With charitable donations, we hope to better support those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, depression, and any other mental illnesses or physical ailments that may be a direct result of their service. And by offering employment opportunities to military personnel and their families, we aim to help our national heroes strive for excellence in a new arena of life. 

How Can Handmade Hats Make A Difference?

For those within the service what to wear each and every day is never a choice, nor is it of any importance given more pressing worldly objectives. For long periods of time, a uniform can become like skin and to live without it may feel disorienting or even alarming. If you are a veteran or you know one well, these words may ring true and/or represent something much deeper for you. So how can an American Hat Company help?

Beyond awareness, hat donations, financial donations, and job opportunities we want to note the following message to our active duty and veterans…

However overwhelming it may be post or in between service, your identity will never be lost and fighting for our country will always be a brave and honorable part of you. If you feel practically naked without your service uniform then we offer you this small piece of advice… embrace your individuality and try expressing your personal preferences with one of our quality hats. There’s a chance it can help redefine your daily wear in a way that makes you feel like the hero you are while showcasing your patriotic side. In our opinion, hats can be more than accessories. They can become a symbol of empowerment, courage, and confidence, just like you are. 

Maybe you’re looking for an everyday accessory that acts as a patriotic statement piece, like the Freedom Trucker Hat, or one with a little more pizazz for a special occasion, like the USA Top Hat. Regardless, we hope you obtain a hat you love through our store, community events, and/or charitable giving opportunities! Please know, we 100% salute you and want you to feel acknowledged for keeping American the land of the free and home of the brave!

Why "Hats for American Heroes" Matters to an American Hat Company

It is because of our national heroes and patriots that we are able to wake up every day to enjoy personal freedoms and liberties. As fellow Americans and hat makers, we strongly feel it is necessary to acknowledge our past and current military members for all that they have given. Through our initiative “Hats for American Heroes” we hope to have a positive effect on our coast to coast community, as well as inspire others to show their unconditional support and gratitude in the best way they can.

Thank you to all the American heroes for your efforts and with pride we promise to continue crafting timeless pieces that will help unveil your unique patriotic style.