hats being sewn at american hat makers


Brand Overview Blog 2020

At American Hat Makers, our mission is to provide our customers with distinctive, unique, and artisan quality hats made by hand in the United States with only the finest materials.

Above and beyond the creation of superior products, we are dedicated to treating our customers and employees with compassion and integrity, and are committed to bettering our community through service, philanthropy, and open-heartedness. Fostering decade long relationships with tanneries has given us access to unlimited quantities of the finest raw materials with which we produce our hats, but the real work starts when the leather is delivered to our factory doors. Starting with deliveries upwards of 26,000 sq. ft. of artisan quality materials such as leather, mesh, and fabrics, we use hydraulic cutting machines, industrial sewing machines, industrial laser engravers, and professional airbrushing stations to produce our masterpieces. Our state-of-the-art production floor is equipped to handle large orders and typically puts out 1000+ hats every work-week. Skilled craftsmen and women bring their individual talents to work with them, and our dedicated team fosters an environment in which your needs are met and exceeded every single time. Speaking of our factory, here is a virtual tour of the premises.

What kind of hats would such a storied company with such a skilled team create, you may ask?

Well, to answer that question I always like to say we make a hat for just about anyone. Whether you’re a brazen hard rocker, biker with an attitude, hardworking cattle rancher, rugged trailblazer, or simply someone with a penchant for fashion, we’ve got the hat for you. We have 6 different brands of hats we offer, each with its own unique energy and personality. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, we’ve got a hat that’s been there, done that, and would love to accompany you along the way. 

SolAir Hats are perfect for a beach day, a day at the lake, going on a hike, or on a boat!

These sun hats provide UPF 50+ protection for ultimate UV coverage while you have fun in the sun. They are soakable, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet, and they are so darn breathable that on a hot day, you won’t even notice you’re wearing one! Combined with a packable and hand washable mesh design, these hats are durable, breathable, stylish, functional, and ready to follow you anywhere!


Step up and stride out into the deepest corners of the globe with our next brand, American Outback.

Inspired by the iconic Aussie outback hat, these adventurous styles are tough, good looking everyday work and recreation gear. Each and every time you put on an American Outback Hat by American Hat Makers/ Head’n Home Hats it gains more character. These crushable styles pack easily, and will gladly follow you anywhere. Everywhere you work and play in the USA you are in the American Outback. Get up and go on an adventure with one of these daring and durable styles! 

Western hats with a rock star edge is the name of the game with Double G Hats by American Hat Makers/Head’n Home Hats.

Encapsulating that wild, carefree frontier spirit of the Wild West and conjuring up images of dastardly cattle rustlers, daring cowboys, and rebellious rancheros has never been easier. These leather cowboy hats are the kind you become known for wearing. 

Victorian grace clashes with western villainy in the retro-future world of the Steampunk Hatter by American Hat Makers/ Head’n Home Hats.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, the birthplace of Steampunk culture, our designs exude authenticity. Tactile by intention and handmade by tradition, you’ll look dashing at the ball, enlightened visiting the burlesque theater, dangerous in the pub and confident navigating cobblestone backstreets. Whether you’re an elegant, intriguing lady, a gentleman with a whimsical streak or a denizen of the nefarious underground, our toppers will set you apart from the riffraff. 

Inspired by the San Francisco underground scene, our runway-ready Ashbury Hats are fashion-forward in their retro profile.

As alluring and contradictory as a foggy summer spent in "The City", Ashbury Hats is the pinnacle in every hat connoisseur’s collection. Striking, daring, and classic leather, felt and mesh fedoras are the new and upcoming edge in the most iconic of looks.

19th century style infused with fierce sensibility and a touch of dark energy make our Voodoo Hatter Top Hats essential to your subversive lifestyle.

From hard-kicking rocker to brazen biker or neo-noir grafter, you will make a definitive statement wherever you go. We’ve designed these bad boys to be the kind of hats you can become known for wearing. Formed out of black or brown smooth finish leather our toppers are built to last. Handmade with attention to quality and a discerning eye in the details, each piece is as much an individual statement as it is a cover for your head.