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American Hat Makers is the world's premiere cut and sew hat manufacturer.


Fostering decades-long relationships with some of the finest sources in the world has given us unlimited access to the highest quality materials that can be found anywhere. Starting with deliveries upwards of 26,000 sq. ft. of top grain cowhide and exotic leathers, artisan fabrics and industrial meshes, American Hat Makers has transformed the industry in the realm of high quality products on a large scale. A cut and sew manufacturer takes sheets of raw materials and cuts parts out of them, which are then used to craft a final product. In this case, that final product is some of the finest hats in the world. Today we’re going to be teaching you how to make a hat.

Our first step takes us to the department where these parts are cut out. We use giant industrial presses and metal dies to cut the shapes we need for these hats. A hat consists of 3 basic parts. The brim, the crown and the top. The brim is what shields your eyes, ears, and face from the sun, and the crown is what does the same for the sides of your head. The top is the final piece of the puzzle, and is what protects the top of your head from the sun. An interesting fact during this part of the process is that the brim and the top are cut out of the same piece of leather, mesh or felt, so that each pair are a perfect fit for one another. Next, these parts are wheeled to the production floor.

First things first, this brim needs a trim on it. During the trimming process, a wire of varying thickness is sewn into the edge of the brim all the way around. Some hats don’t have to hold a strong shape, like sun hats and outback hats, so a soft crushable wire can be added, while others that need to hold a strong shape like a cowboy hat or top hat get a hard, rigid wire.

Some of our hats are painted with an airbrusher and laser engraved with vivid designs on the crown and top, for those that are looking for a more eye catching look.

Next, the crown is folded into an oval shape and stitched up. The top of the hat is now sewn onto the completed crown. Finally, the brim is sewn onto the base of the crown, and we now have a completed hat shape. Depending on what type of hat has been made, a hatband may or may not be added to accent the hat a bit.

After this, we move the completed hat to a station where a sweatliner is added, the hat is conditioned with leather conditioner, and finally it is inspected before moving to the shipping department to be sent off to it’s rightful owner