Everything you need to know about fedoras before dipping your toes in the trend

Everything you need to know about fedoras before dipping your toes in the trend

The fedora is a hat with a soft brim and indented crown. You can create the hat lengthwise or pinch the front and the sides for the perfect look. Fedoras have been around for years, which is why we have so many different styles – the teardrop crown, the diamond crown, center dents, and so many others. The fedora has been a popular headgear for over 100-years and is making a strong comeback in the present era.

History of the fedora hat

Since the 19th century, hats have been a staple of men's fashion. Women hats were also popular, but the fedora was primarily considered the main fashion statement for men. The term fedora was first used as early as 1891. The name comes from the title of an 1882 play by Victorien Sardou, Fédora, played by the fabulous Sarah Bernhardt. Later on, the women's rights movement adopted it as a fashion statement, and even the royalty started sporting the style, with the most notable proponent being Edward, Prince of Wales (1924).

So, what are the types of fedoras? Let’s take a look.


Classic fedoras are the original and are the image that pops in the mind when we hear the word "fedora." Most classic fedoras are made of wool and have been immortalized by gangsters and mob-bosses in Hollywood motion pictures. Look through our classic fedora collection at Americanhatmakers.com.

Panama or straw fedora

Fedoras also come in straw makes. The hand-woven Panama is highly recommended and has a feel-good factor to it. Don't be fooled into thinking that Panama isn't durable; instead, the resistant liner will last for years to come. Try out a few before buying one, and remember an actual Panama fedora comes without the itchy head. Check Americanhatmakers.com for options.

Safari fedoras

Safari fedoras are similar to straw fedoras and have a holiday feel to them. However, it is a bit different in style and shape. Does Indiana Jones come to mind? Yes, you guessed it right, and it is a small wonder with that very prominent brim. The brim is the first thing everyone notices in a safari fedora. The wool felt safari is a must-have if you are traveling.

Pork pie

The Pork pie is a favorite due to the smaller snappy brim. The pork-pie became a fashion statement back in the 1990s and is still a significant player in the hat market. Pork pie hats come and go mainly due to repeat uses in music videos, movies, and TV shows. Whenever celebrities rock the look, the pork-pie makes a comeback. The last time it made a comeback was Walter White in AMC's Breaking Bad. Now that is a sharp look, indeed.

Trilby fedoras

The Trilby fedora is a tall and modern style hat. It is in a league of its own and fits the modern world perfectly. These are easy to travel with due to their crushability. Trilby fedoras come with the classic pre-snap shape for the ultimate comfort feel. Several materials, including straw, wool, and felt, are available if you are looking for a Trilby.

Fedoras are unique in appeal, and you can never go wrong with the style.