Face Mask by American Hat Makers


Face Mask by American Hat Makers


Through all that is going on in the world, sticking together and taking care of one another is most important. It’s going to be a while before our economy gets back to the way it was and at American Hat Makers we believe that regrowth of our economy starts with showing support locally. This means supporting local grocers, restaurants, retail shops, and many other stores that are open with measures in place for customers to practice social distancing. Sharing your support can start with something small and make a huge impact. Even something as simple as wearing a face covering while out in public shows you are taking responsibility in your own hands to care for yourself and for others. 

After giving our families a time to connect, we are excited to announce we’ve reopened our doors. We have pivoted our business efforts to serve the needs of our community and started making face masks. We are offering handmade face masks of different colors and sizes, either sold separately or one mask is included with each online purchase. Not only are you protecting yourselves with each purchase, but you are also protecting one another and supporting a local business that has had to sadly close its doors in times of this pandemic. We are proud to say our efforts in serving the community have helped deem us an essential business to provide protection for our families during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How much protection do face masks offer? Well, face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, help slow the spread of the disease.

Why weren’t we deemed an essential business at the start of this pandemic? We didn’t know in the beginning how much face coverings would actually help in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but as soon as we got the green light we jumped to open our doors.

These local, handmade face coverings are unique and supporting an essential business in your community. Although it is hard to adjust to the new conditions of our ever-changing society, it all stems from providing the protection of others' health and well-being. 

How to wear your face covering properly: 

Our fabric face coverings are available in select styles and colors and should be worn in public settings where social distancing measures are hard to comply with. 

Here are a few tips for putting on and taking off your face mask:

  • Place your mask over your nose and mouth.
  • Pull elastic straps over your ears and make sure it's snug.
  • Remember not to touch your mask while wearing it.
  • Remove the mask by lifting off the ear loops without touching the front of the mask or your face.
  • Wash your hands immediately after removing your mask.
  • Regularly wash your mask with soap and water in the washing machine. 
  • Don’t share your mask with others

Editors pick: The 7-pack mask bundle is the best deal. Your purchase comes with seven handmade face coverings that you can gift to friends, family, and yourself, and it’s on sale now for $90.

face masks for covid19Although we are required to be distant during this time it is important we support each other in the ways we can. Something as simple as wearing a face covering can help us flatten the curve and fight the spread of COVID-19. Let’s do our part!