Handmade Hats That Will Elevate Your Everyday Attire

Handmade Hats That Will Elevate Your Everyday Attire

Level Up Your Everyday Attire with The Ashbury Collection

Historically hats have been more than a protective piece of clothing, they have been a symbol for social status that others could easily recognize and relate to. At one point in time a particular style, color, and shape could relate as much information to one’s peers as a personal greeting denoting familial ties, career aspirations, and political affiliations. The material communicators no longer ardently adhere to strict societal interpretations, however handmade quality hats still serve as attention grabbing influencers indicating style, sex appeal, and attractiveness. 

In many ways you can say that adding a hat to your everyday attire, especially one from The Ashbury Collection, levels up your overall look. The clean cut lines, quality handmade construction, impeccable attention to detail, and timeless sense of style makes every one of these hats a must have when it comes to making a memorable impression. Dapper, dashing, and daring, these variations are undeniably flattering. Sleek, seductive, and stylish, you’ll not only love how they feel on your head, but how you feel wearing them! Elevate your wardrobe with one or all of the following handmade hats. 

Women’s Modern Formal Hats 

There are definitely some hats that the second you put them on your head you know they were meant for you. Not only does the shape accentuate your cheekbones or the color draws attention to your eyes, but the overall contour and fashionable allure taps into your soul’s deeper expression of your personality. 

For ladies that exude an air of playfulness wherever they wander the Women’s Bottle Rocker Cap is a must. Designed by Agustin Garcia with festivals in mind, the rocker cap is weatherproofer, durable, and doable with just about every outfit you have. Add that final touch of sophistication to your get up and love every second of the attention it will help you gain. 

The Women’s Soho Leather Fedora has the ability to add an element of mischievousness to your late night or boujee attire. The natural all-leather fedora made in California gives those that wear it a slick, self-assured sense of possibility that motivates them to make moves on the dance floor or approach the person at the other side of the bar that keeps catching their eyes. Highly recommended for those of you craving a confidence boost. 

If eye-catching colors, impeccable details, and a style that silhouettes your natural curves is more your flavor then the Motown Felt Fedora is perfect for you! The quality wool felt will feel like a part of your body as it compliments your favorite dress or most comfortable shirt. For instance, the sage, sangria, or blue are excellent color options to spruce up either a skin tight neutral dress or a white button down with jeans. 

Men’s Modern Formal Hats

Give up the ball cap and go for something that exudes both confidence and class with a more modern formal hat. The comfortable and noteworthy styles will have both women and men of power turning their heads to get another look at you. The American jeweler Harry Winston once said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” So with that in mind we dare you to show off that you’re far more than a diamond in the rough with these mens hats.  

The top hat has almost always shown a sense of distinguished aristocracy when proudly worn to formal affairs and not too much has changed this day and age. The Hampton Leather Top Hat in Napa Vino or Cyprus Tan utilizes a unique leather that is smooth as butter. It’s appeal is apparent as it adds character and class to whatever it is you’re wearing. 

For a refined, yet slightly more casual look the Soho Leather Fedora adds an element of prestige to either your work or play attire. The lightweight and packable construction allows it to regain its shape if you need to throw it momentarily into your briefcase for a meeting. Made in California with style in mind, this hat is an ultimate accessory that will help you gain a little attention.

Steve Harvey changed up an old saying and said, “Don’t hate the player; change the game.” The Player Fedora does precisely that as a total game changer. The SolAir Mesh material makes it breathable, lightweight, and stylish, which is perfect for an event that may get a little steamy. Wear it on the dance floor, stage, or to an afternoon picnic, regardless of the event it will elevate your appearance which we hope escalates your evening in a positive way. 

Handmade Hats that will Elevate Your Look 

Handmade hats haven’t lost their ability to communicate to the world that you appreciate function and prioritize comfortable, yet classy fashion. The Ashbury Collection has the ability to level up your overall look in a quick and easy way so that you become more favorably noticed in the moments that matter. Their sleek and stylish construction adds the perfect amount of prestige for both women and men looking to feel more dapper, daring, or even seductive. Elevate your everyday attire with a handmade hat that turns modern formal wear into a must do, must have sort of style.