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Hat Manufacturers Prioritize Quality Leather & Eco-Conscious Fashion

Hat Makers Making a Difference with Eco-Conscious Fashion 

What is eco-conscious fashion?

If you go to look up eco-conscious fashion on the internet you’ll find a series of alternative terms such as eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Those words can be somewhat interchangeable within this context, however we (at American Hat Makers) want to define them a little more so that we can show our community how we are applying them to the world of fashion. 

First off, according to Merriam-Webster the term eco-conscious is an adjective meaning marked by or showing concern for the environment, aka sensitive to environmental impact. Whereby the noun fashion relates to 1) the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time, and as a verb means 1) to give shape or form to : to make, construct, or create (something) usually with careful attention or by the use of imagination and ingenuity, and 2) design or devise for a particular use or purpose. When combining these two words, eco-conscious fashion, we can deduce a general meaning such as the following: prevailing style constructed with careful attention by the use of imagination that shows concern for the environment and is designed for a particular use.

At American Hat Makers, we believe in giving back to our community and the environment thus we have written it into our mission statement

At American Hat makers our mission is to produce distinctive hats while treating our customers and employees with compassion and integrity and bettering our community through service and philanthropy.

How are we actively supporting eco-conscious fashion?

When it comes to supporting the environment, there are two primary ways we are actively working to be more eco-conscious. The first is our dedication to giving back to the outdoors with the declaration that for each $50 purchase, we plant a tree to help reduce deforestation. We are in the process of updating all of our products to better inform our customers of our greater intentions. 

Beyond donations we have restructured our offerings to include products made by repurposed leather and other scraps from our hat-making process. As part of our eco-drive, we now have quality leather bags and accessories that are made with the same craftsmanship and care as our hats. 

If we loop these actions back with the definition of eco-conscious fashion then you can say our prevailing hat, bag, and accessory styles are constructed with careful attention by the use of imagination. We show concern for the environment and design our goods for a particular use. 

Totes & Bags Made from Repurposed Leather

Below are a few of our favorite quality totes and bags made from repurposed leather:

American Darling Bonnie Concealed Carry Purse

When the unthinkable happens, the Bonnie concealed carry purse has you covered. Behind its eye-catching turquoise backed applique and it's classic bohemian fringe lies a hidden pocket with plenty of room to store your secret defenses. In addition, the main interior pocket ensures you have enough space to bring along everything else you’ll need to take on the day. 

Tiburon Leather Duffel 

You know when you're walking through the airport and you see someone carrying a bag of such high quality and luxury that you just can't get it out of your head? This is that bag. Ruggedly built yet aesthetically elegant, the simple design features a large storage space, easy to access pockets, brown leather handles and an adjustable buckle shoulder strap. It’s practical and stylish making it worthy of being toted around all day. 

Safari Gold Leather Backpack

If you picture a backpack that helps you carry "everything but the kitchen sink" so that you’re prepared for a day of pure adventure, then this is what you get. The Safari accommodates every little item and is made out of suede leather with a special wax application. To achieve a distressed yet quality look of texture the leather is printed with a nice pattern that simulates a fabric, “crunched" to give a more rugged look, and tumbled dry to conclude the process. The adjustable shoulder straps, drawstring main compartment opening, and additional exterior pockets make it perfect for storing all the essentials. 

Quality Repurposed Leather Jewelry

When deciding what to do with the smaller scraps of leather our designers shifted their attention to leather jewelry and here are a few of our favs. 

Gigi Designer Earrings

These teardrop leather earrings are adorned with a vibrant peacock feather and totally scream bohemian style!  

Jeweled Bronze Cuff

Ruby Roxanne designed these beautifully simple cuffs from the same artisan quality leather we use to make our hats. The stylish ring clasp cuff is made of a bronzed top grain leather, Swarovski crystal rivets, and a contrasting golden clamp to guarantee you'll draw eyes no matter where you go.

American-Made Hat-Making Excellence 

At American Hat Makers we proudly hand make our products in Monterey Bay, California using only the finest materials available. We guarantee our hats for a lifetime against defects in materials and workmanship, and we are working to assure that we minimize waste by repurposing our leather in as many ways possible. In addition to our eco-drive, we not only acknowledge that millions of acres of forest are destroyed each year through human deforestation and logging, but that we have to do something about it! For every $50 purchase, we plant a tree as a much needed investment in our future forests. 

We believe in eco-conscious fashion and are making efforts to promote it.