How choosing a perfect hat can accentuate your personality?

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How choosing a perfect hat can accentuate your personality?

A practical wardrobe accessory and fashion symbol is a straw hat. It is an interwoven natural material or synthetic fiber. It is brimmed so that it gives you protection against the sun. Both women and men may use straw hats as there are various varieties available in the market. All across the globe, people take an interest in straw hats. They have stood the test of time.

Moreover, they have amalgamated their design and appearance. It not only provides you with sun protection but style. It is popular because of the material and its lightweight. The fact that it is reliable and thick is the critical reason behind its growing popularity. These hats get woven. It means that they have small openings. It allows ventilation and keeps the head cool. Hence, they are the perfect option for the summer season.


How do straw hats provide sun protection?

If you are thinking about whether straw hats will provide you with sun protection or not, the answer is yes. The tightness of the hats weave has a lot to do with this factor. The holes in the weave and the size of the hat play a crucial role in protecting your head.  When you intend to shop for these hats, you must look for the manufacturing and material. These hats get constructed from a protective, strong material guarding against the ultraviolet protection factor or UPA factor.

There are straw hats available with a tighter weave. It allows minimal sunlight and thereby gives you maximum protection. These are tighter and finer and are thereby more durable. You can also wear them all season, but they are a bit expensive.


Different styles of straw hats available in the market

Different styles and designs of straw hats are available out there. From boater style to men’s hat style to fedora style, you can find various alternatives. Even Panama hats come within this category. These styles have been popular among world leaders as well as local individuals. Hence, explore the following facts:

Boater style hats: Boater hats are ideal for warm weather. Men have used these hats from time immemorial. It has become an official part of men’s accessories. However, they have gained popularity among women as well. The flat Crown and wide brim of these hats provide you with maximum protection. Moreover, they get manufactured from stiff straw, which is sturdy and durable. The boater style is popular among Western countries. It has also gained a place in the formal uniform of various universities. If you look at classic iconic styles, you will find a reference to these boater straw hats. Travel pages and travel blogs will also give you a view of these hats.

Panama straw headwear: Panama hats are also a sub-category of straw hats. They are quintessential headwear popular among both men and women. However, only official men conventionally wore it. The tighter weave, durable material, and lightweight are the leading reason behind its popularity. These hats are popular among tourists and vacationers. It not only provides you with sun protection but also a classic style.

Fedora straw hats: Straw hats are incomplete without fedora hats. They are very similar to Panama hats. They get defined by the material used for constructing them. Usually, straw helps in making fedora hats. It has a pinched front low Crown, moderate brim, and the like. It will provide you with the perfect protection against the sun and is very stylish. If you are interested in a classic look, you must go for summer straw hat.

Garden straw hats: As the name suggests, these hats help in gardening purposes. They are known for their lightweight and other qualities. Individuals who are interested in outdoor activities may consider these options and thereby select these straw hats. They are available in numerous cuts and structures.

Apart from this, beach straw hats and lifeguard hats are other options for you. These hats have their separate set of pros and cons. You must have a comprehensive understanding of these to decide the one that suits your requirement.


How about some more options for your wardrobe?

If you want to reinvent your look, then you must take a look at the following points:

Panama fedora hats: These hats get manufactured from 100% Panama straws. They were popular among the Panama Canal workers who wore these hats for protecting themselves from high temperatures. They are available in different colors and styles 

Hawk mesh heads: These hats have an exciting design. If you are eager about outdoor recreations, you cannot leave out these hats. They are breathable and appropriate for shooting and hunting activities. They have a soft brim and are available in mesh Crown. 

Mocha sun hats: The outlook of these hats is very similar to mesh sun hats. They are the best option for the summer season because they are lightweight. Moreover, the all-weather look is durable and sturdy. These hats are available in brown color and will perfectly match your cowboy look.

Tactical survival hats: These are very different-looking hats. They are known for their versatility and resilience. It is lightweight, sporty and you can carry it everywhere. It comes with a removable hatband that acts as a bracelet. You can save your accessories over here. It provides superior durability against any wear and tear.

These options will act as your guidelines. You can select your ultimate straw hat only when you have a proper understanding of the pros and cons of each. On the other hand, you must know that straw hats are not only for men but also equally popular among women. Women can wear these hats for their formal as well as informal events. You can pair it up with your casual dresses and also white blouses and denim jeans. You can carry hats with elegance only when you know how to style them. If you go wrong on styling and confidence, then it will not give the desired look.