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How to Clean Your Well-Loved Mesh Hat

Your How-to Guide to Cleaning Your Favorite Mesh Hat

Quality mesh hats are a summer essential. Their extremely breathable flow-through design and go-anywhere style make them the perfect partner at the beach, on the trail, in the garden and anywhere else the sun beckons activity. Whether you’ve been rocking the women’s suede American outback-style Breeze Sun Hat at a bluegrass festival or the packable and crushable men’s Soaker Mesh Sun Hat on a multi-day rafting trip, we’re positive it’s seen a bit of dirt, sweat and other stain creating components. 

Learn the art of delicately and thoroughly cleaning your favorite summer hat’s water-repellent leather, nylon mesh, ultra tough marine fabric and other durable materials so that they look brand new. Read on for the details so that you can confidently take advantage of this sweet guide. 

Make Your Mesh Hat Sparkle with These Easy Steps

The key to a great clean is to be slow and gentle. No matter how badly you may want to, resist the urge to toss your hat in the washer or dishwasher. The open-weave mesh construction requires a little more finesse.

Step 1: First, lightly wet a soft cloth and gently rub the inside of your hat to assure the color isn’t compromised. Mesh hats shouldn’t have any dye or coloring that will wash off, but it’s always good to spot check.

Step 2: Next, grab your laundry pre-treatment spray and lightly spritz areas where there’s visible dirt, grime or stains. This is often found along the inside brim and band or liner. Allow the spray to set in for a few seconds.

Step 3: Brush the pre-treated areas with a clean toothbrush dipped in warm water. Be sure not to apply too much pressure. You don’t want to disturb the hat’s original shape. 

Step 4: Use a soft damp cloth to rub away the dirt and pre-treating spray. Do this until your cloth comes away clean. Pat dry with a towel.

Step 5: Air dry your mesh hat indoors on a drying rack. Never put your hat in the dryer — heat and tumbling will damage the form.

That’s it! Your mesh hat should be looking good as new and ready to wear for some fun in the sun.

Just In Case You’re Looking for Another Mesh Hat

Need an update to your wardrobe or craving having some mesh hat options? Check out these handmade hats from American Hat Makers.

Some of Our Favorite Women’s Mesh Hats

  • The women’s Cabana Mesh Sun Hat comes in playful colors like walnut and steel and is laminated on the wide brim to block 80 percent of the sun’s rays.
  • Living up to its name, the versatile women’s outback-style Traveler Sun Hat is designed to be packed and crushed and still hold its shape.

Top Picks for Men’s Mesh Hats

  • The men’s Breeze Sun Hat in bomber brown, copper, camo and other earthy colors is built for rough and tough adventures with a water-repellent UPF 50 leather brim and a breathable mesh crown.
  • Play on with the Player Fedora and exude classic cool while you rock a compact brim and low-profile fedora crown.
  • Channel your inner cowboy with the built-to-last men’s Westbound Mesh Western Hat and take comfort in the ultra durable and breathable hand-sewn design.