How to Wear a Straw Hat to a Summer Wedding

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How to Wear a Straw Hat to a Summer Wedding

The Dos and Don'ts For Wearing a Straw Hat On the Big Day

Summer outdoor weddings are the perfect invitation and opportunity for attendees to dress to impress as the best party guest. If you want to amplify your social position amongst your peers this ceremonial season, wear one of the most practical and stylish accessories there is for a sun-themed event, a straw hat. The lightweight, comfortable, and elegant construction will help you stay cool while simultaneously making you appear more chic, elegant, and effortlessly attractive. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to assure your manners meet the occasion so that you come across just as eloquent as you look.   

Familiarize yourself with proper hat etiquette so that you truly embody what it means to be a lady or gentleman. Level up your attire and your actions by honoring tradition with this list of rules for wearing a straw hat on the big day. The guidelines are meant to be informative and applied with discretion so that your next casual, semi-formal, or formal wedding occasion is an absolute success.  

#1 Do Wear the Right Straw Hat for the Wedding Theme 

Beach, western, tropical, bohemian, classic, rustic, or shabby chic: no matter what the wedding theme is there is a straw sun hat that will look amazing. Wear the right one for the occasion and let your face revel in the shade created by a shapely brim. 

Options for the ladies:

Casual Western = Barcelona Curl Western Sun Hat in Tan. The textured detailing and rolled edges will fit right into a casual ranch setting.  

Semi-formal Beach = Tuscany Straw Fedora in Cream. The ddgy, clean, and stylish lines will compliment a simple floral or monotone dress. 

Formal Country Club = Scala New Port Straw in black. The 5” wide brim and high quality straw weave will match anything from a tailored pantsuit to a designer dress.

Options for the men:

Casual Tropical = Monaco Straw Hat in Palm. The classic low crown top hat with feathers will ensure a fun and fancy appeal to a vibrant button up shirt. 

Rustic Semi-formal = Madrid Straw Pork Pie Sun Hat in Cream. Keep it classy with the shape, high quality weave, and patterned venting. Pair with a monotone silk button up and slacks or fitted shirt and blazer. 

Formal Private Club = Ringleader Straw Top Hat in Black. Straw hats may not look the most formal at the altar, however this black beauty will look sleek with any linen or seersucker suit. 

#2 Know When to Remove Your Straw Hat

It is customary that men remove their hats when going indoors, especially into a religious institution and the reception venue. However, if the event is informal then follow the groom or his father’s lead. They will show you what is most appropriate, even if it’s unintentional. 

Women’s hats are often considered to be a crucial part of their outfits and therefore do not need to be removed when going indoors. Tradition says that the mother of the bride dictates when others are to remove their hats, so if she isn’t wearing a hat then you have the freedom to do as you please. Just make sure you’re respectful within the space, especially if you’re wearing a wider brim. 

#3 Handle Your Straw Hat the Right Way

Back in the day it was considered rude to show the lining of a hat, thus it’s tradition to hold the hat by the crown. Make sure when you remove your hat you hold it so that the lining faces towards you and you set it down with the brim down. 

#4 Know How to Kiss While Wearing Your Straw Hat

Alright, so this rule is more of a bonus piece of advice because we all know hats are magnetic and weddings create the ultimate scene for romance. When kissing in a hat or varying brim sizes, make sure you tilt your head at an angle that is suitable for both parties. You should never have to abstain from intimacy just because you’re wearing a practical and fashionable hat.

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