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Identifying different types of hats, materials, and more

Regardless of how the trend of hat-wearing caught fire, there is no denying that the sheer varieties in designs and materials can be bewildering for anyone, especially those who just started exploring them as a part of their fashion. In America, hats found their place through military ranks and baseball. But slowly, its use pervaded the other areas of life. Then, pop culture's adoption of this accessory can be another reason why everyone got interested in it more than before. No matter what makes you include them in your wardrobe, some basic idea about their distinguishing features would come in handy in picking the right one for your need.

So here is a simple way to recognize various hat styles and the materials used in their making. Let’s study them a bit as fashion and function types.

Fashion hats

When you desire to look your best by adding a classy touch to your overall attire, you would want to buy yourself a fashion hat: fedora, bucket, bowler, etc. These designs have a more formal appeal and protect you from sun or rain. What makes them different from one another, and how to know what hat type you need? The legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin mostly wore a bowler or derby hat, if you look at it. This style has been there in America for more than a hundred years, and almost everyone wore it. A bowler hat can be hard felt material with a low crown and close-fitting brim.

A bucket hat can be a simple, symmetrical shape with a brim sloping down. It may resemble a Boonie hat. Anyway, you get it in cotton, polyester, and even leather. You can wear it to protect yourself from the sun also.

If you want to look dressed up to draw all the attention, you can trust fedoras to do the job, though. There can be a fedora hat for everyone because it comes in so many styles and shapes. Its brim can be short to medium size looking a little upturned at the back. The front can be flexible, allowing you to adjust it up or down. However, the teardrop crown remains to be the most common feature. From leather to felt and straw, you can find many fabrics, making your choices genuinely rich. You can check American Hat Makers’ collection of Fedora Hats for a quick experience.

Are you searching for something that helps create a sophisticated and elegant appearance? In that case, you can think of a beret cap. The flat crowned, round hat made with soft felt, cotton, or wool features a small spike on the top, giving it a distinct flair. Although it is common among police and military ranks, even fashionable women opt for it to complement their statement outfit.

Besides, a boater or skimmer hat made of straw comes in a brim of smaller or medium size. Its low crown and flat top with a ribbon look can be the highlight. You can choose this style for boating or sailing expeditions. Its cool design will keep your fashion game on-point.

Then, there is another choice for people who want to match the occasion's vibe with their dressing sense. If you guess it, we are talking about the gambler hats. You can find it on americanhatmakers.com in straw material. The hat's oval crown and a broad brim flanked by a turned-up edge exude western charm. The center of the cap can look a little pinched. If you are a self-assured stylish, it can be a staple accessory in your wardrobe.

Function hats

Although every hat style can be a cross-over between fashion and function at the end of the day, individual choices can still dominate one area more than the other. You can consider baseball caps, for example. A ball cap comes with a front brim and panel design. It can be available in many forms, with each having its specific fit. Strapback,  trucker, and snapback are, to name a few of them. The main reason for choosing any of these options can be the protection from harmful UV rays. Plus, these can also reduce the risk of skin cancer. Now, let's dig a bit into the available baseball cap varieties.

In the 1950s, snapbacks made their presence felt in the sports arena. However, soon they lost to fitted hats, another ball cap variation. But they came back in the 80s and 90s in the hip hop culture. These caps usually come with plastic snaps. On the other hand, fitted hats are the most famous baseball cap designs. These cover the circumference of the head.

Strap back baseball hats can appear like snapbacks, but these come with adjustable poly or leather bands to help you fix them on your head. Then, flex-fit caps contain poly-weave spandex, due to which they tend to be flexible. In the era of the 90s, these were the big hits. Apart from these, you would notice trucker hats. Farmers and truck drivers used them for their breathable texture. One can wear them outdoors for work. Agricultural companies would give these caps to employees for their cost-effectiveness. The trucker designs use foam and mesh materials with a snapback pattern.

At American Hat Makers, you will find numerous types of hats for men and women. Whether you want to give your style a revamp or enjoy your time outdoors, you can explore our collection to meet your ultimate goal.

Hats and caps may have come into being for specific reasons. But today, people mostly see them in two contexts: function and fashion. Some even prefer a transitional piece to enjoy the dose of comfort and style at the same time. You, too, can have unique tastes and expectations with your hats. Before you buy anything, it would be better to go through its essential highlights and features. Knowing what you have chosen can be excellent for your confidence. You will not hesitate to show your style anywhere you go. So study your hat a bit so that you can make it yours forever.