hannah picking apples with baby hudson

Apples in Bloom at the Watrous Ranch!

What's better than biting into a juicy crisp apple fresh from the tree? 

 I can't think of anything either, don't feel bad. I remember growing up as a kid and my favorite part of the year was when my neighbor's apple tree was ready for harvesting. Nothing ever quite could live up to those times, lounging under a big shady tree as a wee lad, eating as many fresh apples as I could. It's good to see that times haven't changed as much as we think they have, as it looks like baby hat maker Hudson will get to experience the same thing. The apples that come from the American Hat Makers ranch are legendary for their sweet, crisp bite with just enough sour tang on the back end.


Hudson's still getting the hang of using his newfound chompers, but we're sure once he gets some practice there's not an apple on the ranch that will be safe from those pearly whites.

Mama Hannah and Hudson both know that no rancher, apple trees or not, is complete without a Cyclone Cowboy Hat