doc phineas wearing his marlow top hat

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Doc Phineas Highlight | A Hat Wearer for the Ages!

Doc Phineas has got enough stories to keep you occupied for years.


doc phineas wearing his white top hat


Saying he has lived an interesting life would be the understatement of the century. After all, when you start your career at age 6 as a tap dancer on the Pinky Lee Show, it sorta sets you up for greatness. After starring on such a well known show, it's only natural that cameos on the Art Linkletter Show, Howdy Doody, Annie Oakley, Jungle Jim, and Sky King soon followed. If you ever visited Disneyland back in the day, chances are you were greeted by Doc's enthusiastic performance dancing. By age 10, he had graced the stages of Broadway.


After graduating Magna Cum Laude from his university in San Francisco, Doc Phineas completely travelled the world as an archaeologist, working directly on ancient sites in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Morocco, Japan, Hawaii, Greece, France, and England. He received his Ph.D. In Archaeology in from Shefferton University in England for his original work on Mohenjo Daro and Harapa and for his translation of the Vastu Vija Shastra from Sanskrit to English. Lately, you may have seen him on the hit show Pawn Stars, where his unmatched knowledge helped date some of histories most ancient treasures. Now for the question everyone's been asking, what kind of hats would fit such a storied gentleman's wardrobe?

You know what kind of hats, don't play dumb now.



Since day one, Doc Phineas has been rocking our fabled lids. Our top hats and Doc Phineas are almost synonymous, and gosh darn it's obvious why. Doc's contagious energy and penchant for the intriguing fit right in with our hats, and who we are as people.

His recent favorite he's been spotted in lately is his pure white leather top hat, which we've just revived in a limited sprint run as the Ghost Rider White Top Hat.


It must be his "out on the town" hat rather than the "excavating sarcophagi" or "dodging ancient booby traps" hat because after all these years of wear, dedicated hat lover Doc Phineas still keeps his white top hat shining like a diamond.