the ladies of american hat makers standing together for a group photo


The ladies of American Hat Makers | International Women's Day!

In honor of International Women's Day, we'd like to give the special ladies that always save the day at American Hat Makers a shoutout.

Without them, this company would be nowhere near where it is today and for that we're beyond thankful!

Hannah working on her computer, holding her newborn son Hudson

 Hannah Watrous : The Global Ambassador

Favorite Hat : The Women's Cabana Mesh Sun Hat

How did you hear about American Hat Makers? If it was anywhere online, on TV, on the radio, or in print, that's because of all the work that Hannah does here. As director of global marketing, Hannah's expertise involves getting the right people connected with the right hats. She's so good at what she does that legend has it that she knows what your next Summer hat will be while you're still hanging up Christmas lights. Without Hannah, some of our most iconic styles might have not made the cut and we'd struggle to connect with our amazing fans.


merry lee rae wearing her limited edition thorn hat

 Merry Lee Rae : The Hat Design Connoisseur

Favorite Hat : The Women's Sierra Cowboy Hat

Merry Lee Rae is a world renowned cloisonné artist and is the creative force behind some of our most unique hat styles like the Draco.  Along with the help of her husband Gary, who founded American Hat Makers, Merry Lee has made a lifelong impact on the hat industry with her one of a kind art style. Without her our artistic vision would be seriously lacking, and the company wouldn't have that unique magic we're known for. 


ana alanis wearing her ruby porkpie hat

 Ana Alanis : The Find It, Source It, Buy It Queen!

Favorite Hat : The Women's Crusher Outback Leather Hat

The first thing you may notice when you check out our site is how many different eye catching materials we use to make our hats. If you've ever been blown away at the grain of the leather or had to take a moment to appreciate the softness of the felt on your new hat, you have Ana to thank. As the head of purchasing, Ana has honed a perfect eye for sourcing only the finest materials for our hat production. Without Ana's expertise in finding the exact materials we need to turn dreams into reality, most of our hat designs wouldn't ever leave the drawing board. 


leslie wearing her limited edition hat

Leslie Lobato : The Right Hand, the Details Guru

Favorite Hat : The Women's Summit Fedora Hat

 If a new project is going through smoothly, chances are Leslie has something to do with it. Any time we need a little extra finesse brought in on something, we call Leslie. Her out of the box thinking and team player attitude save the day every time. Keep in mind you don't want to get on Leslie's bad side. Not only is she a badass who probably knows karate, but she also handles payroll. Thank goodness she's as kind with us as she is ruthless with finishing projects.


tasha wearing her prospector fedora

 Tasha Martinez : The Business Boostin' Wholesale Queen

Favorite Hat : Women's Barcelona Sun Hat

If you've ever received your brand spankin' new hat and thought to yourself "gosh, I want about a dozen more of these", you've probably had the pleasure of working with Tasha. Tasha is in charge of onboarding new resellers with us here at American Hat Makers. Working with Tasha can give your business an invaluable boost as she's an expert on which hats styles would work best with your business. Without Tasha, our resellers would lack the proper guidance to get the most out of their experience working with us. 


cynthia wearing her limited edition motown fedora

 Cynthia Cantolan : Your Business's Wholesale Guardian Angel

Favorite Hat : Women's Soaker Mesh Sun Hat

Once you learn the ropes, Tasha passes you over to Cynthia. The great thing about Cynthia is she seems almost clairvoyant as well. It's been noted multiple times that Cynthia will call to check in with a reseller seemingly right when they notice their shelves looking a little bare themselves. That's because Cynthia gets to know your business as well as you do, and will learn and adapt to the constantly shifting and changing professional environment. By the time you get a hold of Cynthia to place another order, the shipping team is already taping up your shipment because she knows what you sell the most of, how much you sell, and when you'll need more. 


ruby wearing her limited edition roxanne hat

 Ruby Roxanne: The Designer's Designer

Favorite Hat : Women's Bushwick Felt Fedora Hat

Pretty much everyone on staff here is an artist. Some sculpt after work, others paint. Our laser engraving and airbrushing artist slaps some killer bass lines playing live on the weekends. We don't discriminate when it comes to who can and can't design a hat on staff here, and a lot of the hats we offer that are a part of our catalog were designed by team members here that you wouldn't necessarily call a "designer". My point is, to be called the LEAD designer on staff at American Hat Makers, there must be something pretty damn special about you. If there's one thing I know about Ruby Roxanne, it's that she's pretty damn special. Some of our most eye catching, top selling styles come direct from her drawing books, and she leads our couture hat department. If you've got an idea for a hat that you can only picture in your wildest dreams, Ruby can walk with you step by step and turn it into reality. 


beth wearing her tuscany fedora

 Beth Watrous: The Hat Maker Mama Bear

Favorite Hat : Women's Midnight Rider Hat

While our CEO Garth was still in diapers, Mama Bear Beth Watrous carved a lasting name in the industry for American Hat Makers. Her unstoppable drive for greatness has ensured for decades since our start that all our team members have food on the table. Without her, there may very well be another companies name painted on the side of our factory. 


blanca wearing her limited edition hat

 Blanca Valle: The Traffic Controller, the make-it-happen Queen!

Favorite Hat : Women's Sirocco Sun Hat

We've got a lot of moving parts around here. When you're making thousands of hats a week that tends to happen. You'd think that things can get a little out of hand sometimes, but that's not the case. You see, that's because we've got a secret weapon. We've got Blanca. When a giant order comes through at the last minute, Blanca gets it handled every time. Without her on the team, we wouldn't be able to fulfill our orders in a timely manner. 



yauni wearing her stockade cowboy hat

Yauni Smith: The Liaison for Greatness

Favorite Hat: Women's Cyclone Cowboy Hat

When you offer some of the worlds most unique hats, you get some pretty unique people connecting with you. As you've probably seen on the silver screen, on TV, or in print, our hats are pretty popular. Our top hats have been seen on the likes of Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler, Shakira's been known to rock some of our cowboy hats, and much more. When a big name wants to become a part of the American Hat Makers family, they'll need someone with enough high flying energy to keep up. That's where Yauni comes in. She's got a talent for getting in touch with some pretty recognizable names. Speaking of, I think Slash is in the market for a new top hat...