mesh cotton hat being sewn in the production process

Know the different type of fabric used in your hat

If you prefer to dress yourself up in fashion-forward clothing, the chances are your wardrobe will be replete with all types of accessories and ensembles that give your efforts the full support. And when you talk about this, you cannot miss hats. Whether or not you share a passion for hat collection, you would still benefit if you knew the material that made it. After all, like anything else, it also deserves care and maintenance. You would want to keep them clean, so they stay in their prime health every time; you can pull out one whenever needed to accomplish your desired look without worries.

So, here is a brief peek into what constitutes them and what makes a good option for you, along with the view of the favorite picks.


It is essentially a non-woven cloth containing woolen or fur fiber. It tends to have a soft texture available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The hats made with high-end wool felt come from sheep. You don’t have to spend too much on this. Fur and peach bloom felts use rabbit fur, which is again well-known for its superb quality. Then, other choices include beaver felt, nutria felt, and muskrat felt.


It is a natural fiber containing cellulose. Cotton material tends to be breathable and soft. That’s why you see their extensive use in clothes, such as hats. People prefer this material for its hypoallergenic character, due to which you don’t have to suffer skin irritation. At the same time, moisture control and insulation are other highlights of this material that make it almost everyone’s favorite. A cotton hat or cap can be durable, but it would contain other manufactured fibers also to last longer. Pure cotton caps tend to be costly than synthetic caps.


The primary source of this natural fiber is the flax plant. It can feel like cotton; however, it is more breathable and airy. That's why you can keep a linen hat or cap for hot days or springtime to protect yourself from all the discomforts. Some people enjoy wearing this material for its comfortable touch on the skin. You, too, can relax when you don a linen hat.


It is another common yet popular hat variety. One of the expensive straw hat materials can be Parasisal, obtained from bleached or dyed Sisal. Its delicate texture and resilience are the strong points in its favor. A Parasisal straw hat usually contains a double weave. Similarly, there is Sisal, which is not as famous as Parasisal. It is coarse and has a plain weave.

You must have heard of Panama hats several times or wore one too. It is well-known for its cooling trait. Men’s Panama hats don’t crush so easily. A topnotch variety in this would use extracts from the Toquilla Straw plant. Besides, you get Rush straw hats. These are stiff and thick materials, which retain a natural shape. You can feel attracted to it for its cool look and style.

Other choices in straw include double wheat, single wheat, jute, etc. Dual wheat hats are also coarse and thick. But you can search for colors, such as golden brown or natural tone. It can smell of corn, but it is cost-effective. Single wheat models are not too distinct from the double wheat's. It is just that these can have flatter strands. If you want to wear a natural material, you can lean toward these choices. Then, jute is also a natural loosely woven fabric. It is soft and breathable. You get these hats in pastel colors mostly.

Like this, there can be immense options in straw hat materials. You can visit to find your style.


It is a top hat making material. Many modern hats contain this fabric. Experts say that this is a recycled plastic thing and hat makers love it the most for its longevity and moisture resistance. It can resist abrasion too. A polyester hat can wick sweat so that the surface feels dry and soothing. In summers, you don't need to wear any other material. From summer hats to baseball caps, this fabric can be there in many styles.


For summers, another reliable choice can be nylon. It is also breathable, due to which you can don it to protect yourself from scorching heat. One thing that most hat lovers admire about it is the shape. It maintains its form no matter how you keep it. So it becomes easy to care for this. But you cannot expect it to absorb moisture.


Most of the hats come with strong brims. Do you wonder what material they use? The brims consist of buckram, which is stiff and hence, an excellent choice for visors. A baseball hat can typically include this material. This material sits under the external layer of the hat. Earlier, this fabric came from horsehair. However, cotton is the main source today.


If you need the right stylish option, you can choose a leather hat anytime. Although it is best-suited in winter, its tanned and slick looks are hard to ignore. You can trust them to be weather resistant. It is one of the best materials to up your style game. From fedoras to top hats to bucket hats, you can get many designs in this material. For its care, you can buy leather protecting sprays or liquids. Just keep the grain type in mind as its proper maintenance depends a lot on this factor also.

In essence, there are endless materials used in hat making. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you also get something in fleece, lycra, bamboo, tweed, corduroy, etc. So, you can see that hats are not just about different styles, shapes, and colors. But they are also a great deal about what materials make them. At American Hat Makers, you can spot unique options at a varying price range. Go through them; understand what they are good at and how you can make them a part of your complete ensemble. Once you know your hat material well, you can feel even more confident when wearing it.