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Learn a bit about everyone’s favorite cowboy hats

It will not be a surprise if you say cowboy hat is your coveted style. While you may love it for its shape, design, and look, you cannot overlook the fact that this cap is also a symbol of American culture. It gives you a feel of South, West, and Southwest America. When you look at it you immediately relate it with farming, ranching kind of lifestyle. Essentially, your fondness for it can be the result of its deep American roots. Whether it is this or some other reason, you can be curious to discover some exciting past about this fashion icon. So here is a brief sneak peek into the cowboy hat's background.

The origin of cowboy hats

The earliest cowboy styles appeared in the 1860s. Still, you can search for it in the 13th century also. According to historical records, these types of hats adorned Mongolian horseback riders. These came with tall crowns and wide brims to protect them from natural elements. Other than them, even Mexicans opted for these types to save themselves from the hot sun. There is a belief that cowboys in Texas took inspiration from Mexican sombrero to create their American cowboy-style hats.

In the 1800s, European immigrants settled in the American West. They did not have any specific variety of headwear. From bonnets to top hats to sailors, different versions were available. Of them, bowler hats were quite popular among men. For an idea about this specific style, you can check American Hat Makers’ website once.

Anyway, these hats with short brims couldn't offer them respite from harsh sun rays particularly in areas like California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Hence, the need led to the invention of the cowboy hat that everyone knows. Behind its shape and design, the real person was Batterson Stetson. His creation earned the name of “Boss of the Plains” hat in 1865.

His hats featured ordinary construction with flat brims and smooth and round crowns. He fashioned them from the hides of small animals, such as beaver, and rabbit. To offer protection from sunshine and other elements.His design was quite durable and waterproof; thus it soon became a staple clothing item for the working Westerners.

The evolution story of cowboy hats

Talking about cowboy hat history without touching on its evolution can be incomplete. To be precise, Stetsons' or cowboy hats' popularity led to custom styles and variations that you can imagine today. Usually, when you think of it, you picture it as something with turned-up rims on the sides and two dents in the front. Some people argue that this style came into being by chance. The ease of picking it up due to the indent and curved brim perhaps led to this kind of outcome. Still, what is undeniable is its impression on a wearer's style. A cowboy hat instantly becomes an extension of the personality of whoever dons it.

Do you know these were even known as “ten-gallon hats?” Although its source of origin is untraceable, you should not mistake that this name has anything to do with hat’s capacity. It probably comes from tan galán, a Spanish term, where 'tan' stands for fine and 'Galan' for braided trims.

The hat made its place in the American fashion in the 19th and 20th centuries, when Western Hollywood genres were at their peak. From there, the style became famous with everyone, whether they belonged to rodeo competitions, political parties, or something else.

Furthermore, it was typically cowboys and others from the West and the South that donned cowboy hats. Today, everyone wears them. Their transformed shape, size, and design make them even more functional and fashionable for both genders. If you disagree, check .  These hats may have had practical needs to fulfill, whether someone required protection from sun or rain or needed to drink water from a flowing river. The fact is, this multi-purpose hat is integral to American culture. It stands for adventure and hard work.

Types of cowboy hats   

Something that has been a part of diverse cultures can only offer you a sense of pride and satisfaction while serving your primary preferences. Usually, these come in two varieties – felt and straw. Some of them can be leather material also. But it is quite rare. Nevertheless, straw and felt are unique in terms of the benefits they provide.

The good thing is you don't have to think too hard when to wear what. Some wear straw in summers and felt in winters. Also, colors can dominate the time preference when it comes to flaunting one. If you don't want to go by any rules, it is perfectly acceptable. You can choose anything you wish for any time of the day or season.

Do you want to know if these materials also have some background? Well, straw hats are almost a thing of a thousand years. Nearly every society used straws in hat making for their light weight. It made perfect material for headgear, even for protection against desert heat. As for designs, these may look casual with their floppy brims and a loose weave. However, if you desire a dapper appearance, opt for cowboy hats with tight weaves, intricate details, etc.

If you are looking to buy a felt cowboy hat, you will be glad to know that it can be more efficient than the straw ones. Felt hats offer respite from the sun in the morning, warmth during the night when temperatures dip. It can store water for your horse or fan when you flop in your chair on the porch. Generally, these are well-known for their classic effect. They have a very dressy appeal. Made from animal fur or wool, these can evolve to be an ideal headwear for any occasion.

Whether you are an adventure person or a fashionable someone, you can find cowboy hats to be your perfect companion. If you want to get a stylish variety in this, consider exploring our collection on the website.