Leather Accessories That Will Elevate Your Style

Leather Accessories That Will Elevate Your Style

From times ancient to modern, leather has been a symbol of status and luxury. High-quality leather accessories are stylish, iconic, durable, and practical since they tend to look better over time and with more use. They never go out of style, and only get more valuable with age.

Below are a few of our favorite accessories that are sure to make any outfit, and fit every occasion.  These accessories are unique, stylish, and crafted from leather scraps that are left over from our hat making process, thus helping American Hat Makers be as low waste as possible.

Leather Cuffs

Leather cuffs are one of the more versatile and attractive accessories you can find. They’re unisex, trendy, and casual chic. A quality leather cuff is timeless, classy, luxurious, and can seamlessly transition from the office (or Zoom meeting) to a fancy restaurant (or patio). They add a touch of rustic, outdoorsy charm to nearly every attire. 

Leather Bags, Clutches, and Totes

Everyone needs a bag or two (yes, that includes men!). So why not opt for one made out of a material that’s timeless, durable, and adds a touch of style and class to every outfit? Whether you need a professional leather bag for meetings, a scholarly leather bag that works great as both a small bag or a purse, or a boho chic fringed leather handbag, one thing is certain: No one will ever say that your leather bag demoted your look.

The Office Collection

There’s nothing that will stand out more at the office, or on Zoom calls, than high-quality, tasteful, and stylish work accessories. Whether you want to get noticed by your boss or your attractive coworker, our leather professional collection is certain to turn heads in your direction. 

Leather Mousepad 

One of the most unique items we offer, this is both practical and extremely attractive. It’s particularly perfect for your home office since it adds an understated elegance to its surroundings. 

Leather Portfolio

Time to ditch the Moleskin and stop matching all your coworkers. Show up to your next meeting or interview with a handcrafted, top-grain leather notepad. 

Leather Laptop or Phone Cable Holder

The perfect way to keep your messy wires in check. This cable holder made of top-grain leather is built to last, and easy to travel with. 

Fingerless Leather Gloves

Fingerless gloves are a great statement piece. They tell people that not only are you edgy and trendy, you’re also practical and utilitarian. Originally used by weightlifters to keep their sweaty palms dry while gripping handlebars or gym equipment, fingerless gloves became a fashion trend when popularized by Madonna in the ‘80s. 

The Traveler Collection

Airport style is not dead! While the peasantry shows up in yoga pants and sweatshirts to their flight, your leather accessories will make you look effortlessly stylish and put together (even if you only woke up 20 minutes before you had to leave). 

Leather Passport Holder

Customs sucks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world in style with a passport holder that seethes old world charm, and will look better with use. 

Leather Luggage Tags

Tired of your luggage tag wearing quickly and falling off? Try a leather one instead. And if you need to make your bag more recognizable, go pink.

Leather Travel Journal

Jot down notes, tips, and memories during your travels in this artisan leather journal. It’s a great way to protect your best memories in places where you can’t, or don’t want to, be tethered to an electronic device.