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Men’s leather hat styles to explore and wear

Fashion is transient, while style sticks with you as an extension of your personality. And when it comes to decorating a man's look, nothing can beat the potential of hats. A hat is an effortless way to give you a cohesive and refined flair. There was a time when leather hats formed the characteristic appearance in upscale, fashionable taste and choices. In recent years, leather hats have reclaimed their status in men's ensemble. Whether you put together a whole leather look or add a touch of leather to your dressing, this accessory will perform its part like a pro. Pair it with leather pants, leather jackets, leather boots, or anything else to experience the transformation.

In essence, you cannot imagine sprucing up your wardrobe without hats and, more specifically, leather ones. If you plan to enhance your outfit, do think about these once. You get different types of leather hats in stores like American Hat Makers. Please go through them and pick any design that suits you. So here is a quick glimpse into some of the famous leather hat looks for you.

Pork Pie Hats

Typically, smaller size and round shape with narrow curled brim and band, a pork pie hat is smart and precise. It can be interesting to know that the hat got the name after an eponymous British culinary dish for the design resemblance. Women wore a flatter version of this in the 1830s to 1860s. But the hat craze with men picked up after American actor Buster Keaton started donning them. There is a belief that he had over 1000 hats in his collection. The little bigger Pork Pie hats gained popularity during the economic meltdown. Jazz musicians used this ensemble extensively. 

If you want to attract attention to yourself, go for one with a large concho band. The classic yet bold work on the hat will add to your outstanding persona.

Cowboy Hats

It is an integral American style that everyone around the world recognizes. Although it can be available in many materials, such as straw and felt with wider brims, you can opt for a leather base to bask in a quintessential high street look. Some iconic shapes will have curled up brims. However, you can get flat edges also if you desire. Besides, you come across excellent crown shapes, including teardrop or "C," pinched or middle indentation, etc.You can tell a cowboy hat from others by looking at its taller crown and broader and sloping turned up brim compared to others.

Since before 1865, this style was famous with ranchers, bandits, and buckaroos. People considered it for protection from the elements. Today, you can wear it on any occasion or a hard day’s work to show your mood.

Top Hats

One of the most common memories of a top hat would be U.S. President Lincoln's style, the "Stove Pipe." Although it was a revolutionary design, it became a part of his overall presence and sartorial choices. A Top Hat usually features a tall, flat crown and broad brim. It can be available in fur, nappy silk, and other materials. However, for indulging in some plush feeling, you need to pick the leather ones.

The hat supposedly made its first appearance in the mid to late 1700s. But the style started fading after World War II. Luckily, the revival of interest in hats and the evolutionary changes in the Top Hat molds led to their come back in the fashion. Today, you can don one anytime to impart a sense of authority in its subtleness. For options, you can visit

Bucket Hats

Whether you call this style Boonie or bucket, the truth is that this wide-brimmed hat can travel with you easily. You have to roll them up and pack. A bucket hat comes with a flat crown, a floppy brim, etc. There can be a chinstrap too. Again, it is something you can wear anytime, anywhere, if you choose it in leather. The weatherproof material will be suitable for almost all conditions. And given it is a leather hat, you don't need to do much when it comes to putting together your look. Since high-quality leather ages nicely, you can think of it as an investment too.

Derby Hats

These hats came into vogue as an alternative to top hats that were nearly fragile and would easily remove when hit with a low hanging branch while riding on the horseback. But bowler leather hats solved this problem. You must have seen this style in the 1800s to early 1900s' movies. Short brims and hard rounded crowns define them. If you want to add a modern twist to classic style in headwear, you have to indulge in bowler hats. You can wear one to create a dapper and sophisticated look for yourself while getting all the attention, no matter where you go.

Outback or Aussie Hats

A wider brim of up to 2.5 inches or more with a flatter profile, the outback hat boasts a more western or outback aura. Its crown designs can vary, but “C” or teardrop shape is most common among them. Whether you have to go in the sun or attend a fun party with friends, you can always dress up in this one to stand out from the rest.

Fedora Hats

The uniqueness of fedoras lies in their varying crown and brim styles. Anyone can wear a leather fedora hat and look extraordinary with their fashion. You may have seen celebrities often flaunt this hat style. Its medium brim with an upturn back and turned up or down front let you style your outfit the way you wish. The snap-brims are another useful feature. You can adjust it to sync with your overall dressing.

As such, leather hats come in distinct shapes and sizes. You can select from them to complement or roundup any appearance for yourself. It will instantly jazz up your attire and presentation. After all, the leather itself stands for premium taste. Hence, you don't have to do much when you top up your clothing with a leather hat.