Men’s Style Guide: How to Wear a Straw Fedora This Summer

Men’s Style Guide: How to Wear a Straw Fedora This Summer

Straw Fedora Hats Made To Elevate Your Look  

Although some may say the fedora is a polarizing accessory, it’s classic and dapper appeal make it so versatile that celebrities such as Ne-Yo, Johnny Depp, and Ian Somerhalder would disagree as they have repeatedly been seen sporting the hat. The edgy yet sophisticated, funky however modernly modest, and famously iconic style can dress up a simple outfit or accentuate an elegantly tailored suit. 

If you’re looking to retain some sartorial self-respect while simultaneously giving your look a little extra poise this summer, wear a straw fedora. You’ll love the lightweight, breathable, and 100% comfortable statement of casual elegance, while also reaping the benefits of a little extra shade on your face. With endless variations and color options to choose from, this men’s style guide can help you pick the perfect fedora to wear to your best friend’s summer wedding, pool party, or high roller event. 

Men’s Straw Sun Hats and How to Wear Them

Beyond being comfortable to wear under the heat of the sun, straw fedoras provide a personalized sense of style through the use of color, shape, brim size, and woven texture. With 2021 men’s fashion trends opening its doors to florals, bermuda shorts, relaxed tailoring, and mid-wash denim, according to online men’s magazine Ape to Gentleman, it’s advisable to pair each look with the right straw fedora. The following are a few of our most versatile picks. 

Go conservative with the classic contours and quality straw weave of the Tuscany Straw Fedora with a 2” brim. Available in either tan or cream, the craftsmanship is both impressive and made to last. Pair it with a Tommy Bahama floral silk camp shirt and slacks, or a casually dressy button down shirt, chinos, and blazer, either will look incredible given its simplistic styling. If you have an oval, heart shape, or triangle face shape you can easily pull off this hat. If you have a rounder or square face, wear it slightly slanted so that the angle slims your face and draws attention to your eyes.        

If conservative and classic are your jam, but you like the look or need the benefits of a broader 2¾” brim the Milan Straw Fedora is your ideal choice. Available in cream, tan, and black, the teardrop crown with a stiff shell is finished with a sleek leather band and chinstrap. Wear it to a summer wedding with a relaxed tailored suit or sport it at the golf course on a sunny day. Ideal for an oblong face, given the wider brim counterbalances vertical lines, however it looks excellent on just about everyone.   

For ultimate protection against the scorching sun, the California Hat. Co. Panama Beige Fedora offers a 3½” brim and breathable crown. Hand woven using 100% Genuine Panama Toquilla Straw, this beige hat is treated with Teflon to repel against water and constructed with care. It looks best on square, oblong, oval, and triangular face shapes, and can be worn with jeans, slacks, or a pair of swim trunks. 

Another option for those seeking more shade is the Florence Straw Hat which offers a 3½” wide brim in the classic Panama hat style. Available in 3 neutral options: cream, tan, and hazelwood, this hat gives a look of pure elegance. Wear it to the beach, the fairway, or an outdoor wedding and revel in how comfortable it is. Compliments oblong or oval face shapes nicely, yet can be worn at a subtle angle if you have a heart, square or round face. 

Brim down or brim up, in this case let’s keep it up! The California Hat Co. Panama Flip Fedora offers a bit more edge with its indently crown and up turned 3½” brim. Well suited for those that like to be just a little bit different and worn by photographers, musicians, and artists so they can see a little bit better while working within their craft. Wear it at a slight tilt for a chic and carefree look, and pair it with just about anything that makes you feel good this summer. It’s versatile, yet characteristically charismatic appearance will suit you well!

Hat Makers Create Stylish Straw Hats You’ll Want to Wear

American Hat Makers and their partners specialize in making quality straw sun hats that not only protect you against the elements, but make an easy, breezy, and effortlessly cool statement. In our opinion, hats are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of history and have the ability to make you feel more comfortable and confident within your daily life. For an edgy yet sophisticated, funky however modernly modest, and famously iconic style this summer, wear a straw fedora hat.