Our Core Values! What makes us, US!


Our Core Values! What makes us, US!

As the premier leather hat company in the world, American Hat Makers has compiled a list of core values to help define how we work as a company.

Excellence through humility (and service) - When it comes to our customer service, we strive to go above and beyond our competitors with creative and personal resolutions to any situation.


Efficiency- Organization is key here at American Hat Makers, we always strive to improve our policies and procedures to benefit the needs of our partners.


Family/Health- Being a family owned and operated business we make it a point to treat everyone we interact with, team member or not, as we would treat our closest loved ones.


Open communication- We care about everyone we do business with and find that honesty and transparency is always the best policy to ensure genuine communication.


Innovation/Creativity- While working together within our team, we push ourselves to come up with new and original products as well as better business practices to further not just our growth, but yours too.


Integrity-  Our intention is always to do the right thing, and to follow through with our promises.


Happy/Weird- Being comfortable in the work environment, as well as having fun, has helped us be our most productive selves here at American Hat Makers.