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Our FAVorite Straw Panama Hats for Women

Straw Fedoras: Our Favorite Straw Panama Hats for Women

Are you prepared for some serious sunshine?

Every savvy beachgoer and sun soaker knows that a high-quality straw hat will not only elevate your exposed sense of style, but it will keep you shaded and cool on the hottest of days. This summer, straw fedoras for women are in with a vengeance! The iconic style dates back in time, yet the influence it has within the world of fashion continues to prevail in today's modern age as a must have. Do you have yours yet? 

If not, it's not too late! Learn a little bit about the straw fedora's history and get the inside scope on the newest expressions of straw fedoras for women with a list of our favorites. Read on for inspiration and get ready to confidently sun yourself in pure style!

A Brief History of the Fedora 

Straw fedoras (also known as Panama hats) are everywhere and given their rich history it's a beautiful sight to see. Did you know that this hat actually came into fashion as early as the late nineteenth century, and that it was once a symbol for women's rights!?! 

The earliest champion of the women's straw fedora hat was popular French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt. The name 'fedora' actually comes from Fédora Romanoff, a character that Bernhardt portrayed on stage. Furthermore, Bernhardt was more than an actress, she was an activist that fought for gender equality.

In the 1880's the fedora was as much a style as it was a symbol. Women's rights activists began sporting the hat in great numbers while protesting within the streets. Those who resisted gender norms considered the look to be empowering, which it's incredible to see that over a century later that authority still holds true. The fedora has been able to maintain a certain essence that today's women embrace with confidence each time they wear one.

So where did these trendsetting, society changing, and forever fashionable straw hats come from? Ecuador. Wait what? 

As it turns out, the earliest Panama hats weren't made in Panama at all. Instead, the style originated in Ecuador and local craftsmen constructed the lightweight, protective hats using native straw. We call them Panama hats because they were brought to Panama during the construction of the Panama Canal, and Americans trading within the region were exposed to the style while traveling. 

In fact, president Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt wore a fedora home from one of his visits to the Panama canal and after the press caught wind of his new look the fedora's popularity continued to grow. That was in 1906, more than one hundred years ago. It's hard to imagine a style persisting for so long, but this timeless look has and it continues to have an impressionable impact, especially amongst the ladies. 

Our Favorite Straw Fedoras

Are you ready to join the ranks of the incredible Sarah Bernhardt or take on some progressive authority like Teddy Roosevelt? If so, we have some suggestions that will help you choose which straw sun hat is best for you. 

Our first favorite is The Seagrass Straw Hat by Freedom. This Panama style comes in the tropical shades of Bahama or Cubana, which are both neutral shades that go perfectly with a wide variety of outfits. It is loosely woven from seagrass and made to keep your head cool while protecting your face from the sun. 

If you want a lightweight, breathable fedora with a curved, feminine brim, fall in love with the California Clasico Pamela Panama! This classy hat comes in both natural and white, with a simple black hatband. The shape of this straw fedora hat does all of the talking while also singing an old Hollywood tune and beaconing for long days in the sunshine! 

If you're looking for a tighter weave and an elegant leather hatband, you'll love the Boxcar Straw Hat. This classic fedora comes in the neutral shade Sand, which will complement any trip to the beach. What makes this hat pop is the fossil imprinted hatband, which is adorned with a delicate floral accent that will add a subtle touch of nature to any ensemble. 

If you are looking for something casual and classy, the Villager Seagrass Straw Hat might be your perfect match. This loosely woven hat comes in beige, with the cutest braided leather hatband. It's just neutral enough to go with any outfit and just classy enough to elevate it to the next level!

If you want to stand out among trendsetters, the cap-style California Clasico Gorra Panama might be your ticket in! Unlike the others, this cap lacks the brim and hatband. It's fun and unique shape will easily become a conversation starter! 

An American Hat Company Can Help You Get Ready For Some Sun!

American Hat Makers specializes in making quality straw sun hats that not only protect you against the elements, but make an easy, noticeable, and utterly cool statement. Accessorize this summer with a fedora and get the opportunity to represent a piece of history. Wear it confidently to the beach, a pool party, or an outing with your best gal friends. You'll love the way it makes you look and feel!