woman wearing a black top by American hat makers


Ring in the Virtual New Year with a Showstopper Hat

The Best NYE Hats to Showcase Your Style

Although New Year’s Eve masquerade balls, bar crawls, bashes, and private clubbing events are being cancelled in person due to COVID-19 restrictions, you don’t have to sacrifice your opportunity to ring in 2021 with a showstopper hat. Showcase your style and grit this season in a safe social way by joining a one-of-a-kind Airbnb experience or hosting an online zoom party! Dress up for the occasion in your favorite steampunk, top, or festive hat so you can 1) strut your fashionable stuff from the couch to the kitchen, 2) share some cheer with your friends all over the world, and 3) document the end of 2020 together with Shift + Command + 4 screenshots

Goodbye 2020 and everything you represented. Hello new decade and the chance to wear one of the following incredible hats! Let the 2021 festivities begin. 

Authoritative Top Hats that Will Get the Party Started 

Since the beginning of their existence, top hats have demanded attention and authority. Worn at white tie formal affairs, the cylindrical high crown “topper” is the perfect complement to a tuxedo. Worn by both men (see men’s top hats) and women (see women’s top hats), Abraham Lincoln is well known for sporting the stovepipe and icon Marlene Dietrich received a lot of attention after appearing in her first Hollywood feature film wearing the elegant tux top hat combo.  

Although many may associate the top hat with the Monopoly man, it’s fashionable allure has been kept alive in pop culture by modern designers, such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Saint Laurent. The distinct headdresses, especially the ones featured here, initiate a dramatic spark of interest and are perfect for getting the New Year started! 

Cocktailer Leather Top Hat

The Cocktailer is made to entertain and is an absolute must have to get the party started! The limited edition leather top hat features a unique, yet stylish airbrushed and laser engraved design that utilizes industrial strength metallic paint. With a built in bottle opener, jigger, and bar spoon, you'll be ready for action all night long. 

Kraken Gold Steampunk Top Hat 

If you’re looking for old world elegance, mid-crown suave, and a hint of danger lurking just beneath the surface, then The Kraken is perfect for you. The gold airbrushed artwork covers a full three-quarters of the crown on this leather top hat, while a beveled hatband rises ominously to reveal the eye of the beast itself. It’s allure will have everyone asking you to look into 2021’s future and promise that it will be exciting. 

Marlow Top Hat, Dragonwing Malfoy Band

There’s something magical about the start of a new decade, and the Marlow leather top hat with dragonwing malfoy band was designed by Merry Lee Rae to accompany enchanted transitions. Featuring a mid-rise crown and brim of indulgent brown leather, this engraved and colorful hat is ideal for the cunning user of spells. People will be drawn to you and the reptilian eye in a way that puts them under your spell, even if it’s through the computer screen. Start 2021 by manifesting your new reality with the Marlow. 

Gent Steampunk Top Hat

Intricate and relentless loops of ivy decorate the Gent in a classic yet timeless fashion. The patterned leather crown and hand-crafted brim have an allure that continues to grow on you, just like the vine that attaches itself to everything. If you’re looking forward to a year filled with strong affectionate attachment, fidelity, and webbed love then wear the Gent as the clock strikes midnight. 

El Dorado Top Hat with Tapa Band

Feeling the retro-futuristic vibes? Then get groovy with the El Dorado Top Hat featuring a Tapa Band. The techno aztec/southwestern laser engraved design and stunning sunburst airbrushing are guaranteed to turn some heads on and off the virtual dance floor.

Reversible Ren Costume Hat

So secretly you’re in love with Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and you’ve been waiting for your opportunity to host an Airbnb experience covering the entire series. Now is your time, Carpe Diem! Just make sure you’re wearing the Reversible Ren with an obsidian ostrich plume during your premiere episode. The perfect combination of a top hat and pirate hat will have everyone captivated by your style.

Ladies’ Lace, Luxurious, & Lush Top Hats

Alright ladies, although you can wear any of the hats we’ve featured thus far with sass and style, we have a few more that will knock your holiday socks off. If leather and lace make you smile, then adding crystals, feathers, and velvet will definitely conjure up an even more delightful reaction. 

Havisham Top Hat, White Curtsy Band

The Havisham is a lace and leather top hat with enough seductive elegance to stop the show, drop a few jaws, and invoke a little dark mystery. Decked with lace, hand-worked leather, velvet, a corseted side panel, and a curiously beautiful accent piece front and center, this hat features it all. Calling attention to oneself is not a character flaw. On the contrary, it is a requirement when you wear this majestic piece and what better time than New Year’s Eve

Marlow True Love Top Hat

The Marlow True Love Top Hat is captivatingly beautiful and compliments any casual or formal attire. If you’re looking to add a leather and lace accent to your ripped jeans and white tank top this is your go to item. One look at this stunning top hat and you'll understand it's name.

Bumble Me Top Hat

If exclusive and one-of-a-kind matters in your world then the Bumble Me leather top hat was made for you. Ruby Roxanne designed this stunning hat after she was inspired by seeing black flowers growing on lattice. Handmade from start to finish, the Bumble Me features a contrasting black leather diamond pattern lattice cage stitched onto an exclusive platinum leather crown. Swarovksi crystal and pearl rivets complement the gorgeous centerpiece of embroidered black sequined flower clusters and vines. Whereby the delicate lace corset cascades up the back of the hat and is finished by crystal eyelets. Every detail from the jeweled bumblebee to the placement of the  Swarovski crystals was made to impress, and impress you will whenever you wear this piece of art. 

Lush Top Hat

Quite possibly the most elegant hat in existence, the Lush leather top hat features gorgeous obsidian plumage, and a veil of black lace all lovingly draped around an antiqued cameo. Wear this with a little black dress and prepare to catch some attention on or offline.  

Posh Steampunk Hatter

Going to a themed party or feeling a little “RRRrrrr-Rated” come 2021? Then we have you covered with this posh leather pirate hat featuring an iconic semi-tricorn brim and large ostrich plume. 

The Let's Eat Cake 3-Tiered Top Hat

Easily one of the most ambitious designs Ruby Roxanne has ever devised, the Let’s Eat Cake top hat is made to look like a 3-tiered decadent cake. This style is constructed out of metallic top grain leather and is decorated with custom lace frosting appliqués, crystal chains, specialty rose Swarovski crystals, jeweled flowers, and even two matching lovebirds. To finish this one of a kind hat off, an exclusive cake platter brim serves as the base. Perfect hat for a glamorous sweet statement piece!

The McQueen's Guard Top Hat with Horse Tail

This Shako couture hat comes straight from the bold mind of master designer Ruby Roxanne, and is a stunning homage to the late, great, fashion designer Alexander McQueen, whom always inspired Ruby. Like McQueen, Ruby also wants women to feel empowered and feared in her designs, and “The McQueens Guard” executes this goal flawlessly. This hat features just the right amount of spikes, to contrast against the elegant textured leather. To complete the look Ruby wrapped a vintage chain belt around the front of the hat. In order to show the strength of this hat she added real horse hair braid cascading down the back of the hat. Ignite the fierce inside you with this stunningly elegant style.

Patriotic Parcels that Unite Our Nation 

Many would agree we can all benefit from a little patriotism and unity in 2021. With that in mind, we’re featuring two American inspired top hats that express our pride, values, and love of our country. Independence day isn’t the only time of the year we get communities together to watch the fireworks.  

The American Eagle Top Hat

America, the land of the free and home of the brave. Might as well look the part, right? The American Eagle top hat is crafted out of artisan quality cowhide leather and features an artistic crown. The airbrushed and laser engraved design displays a vivid image of Old Glory and a striking eagle soaring across the crown. Add that to a black leather band with a winged skull emblem and you have a little extra flare that everyone will notice. 

Stars & Stripes Top Hat

Vibrant blue airbrushed stars and stripes make this mesh-leather top hat a patriotic must have. The sleek design features a grated mesh crown that allows for ultimate breathability and air flow. Wear it with a sequined red top and faux fur white skirt, or a pair of your favorite form fitting jeans. Regardless of the attire this hat is sure to catch some eyes on your living room dance floor.  

Virtual New Years in a Showstopping Hat

Whether you plan to virtually show up for an evening on the Tagus River to watch the fireworks from a private catamaran or tune into your favorite DJ’s live zoom dance party, plan to do it in style and a hat. That way when the clock turns midnight you can joyfully toss it in the air and cheer, “Wahoo 2020 is OVER! Bring on 2021!!!”