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Some Crucial Guidelines on the Historical Significance and Types of Boater Straw Hats

The straw boater hats provide a distinguished and classic look for the sultry summers. Men are significantly interested in hats as it is a commendable piece of accessory. Straw boater hats get manufactured from rigid flat straws. These are naturally colored, and these flat straw hats get braided or plaited at an angle. It is elliptical and has a flat brim. The flat crown is a typical feature of boater straw hats. It has a striped or solid ribbon that drives around the crown. When you talk of the terminologies associated with these hats, the boater is synonymous with basher, skimmer, and sennit hat.


Crucial Guidelines About the History and Categories of Boater Straw Hats


When looking at the history of boater hats, it goes back to the early 1860s. It was a staple piece of menswear till the 1880s. It looked like a fedora hat and was initially popular among women. Hence, both genders had an interest in boater hats. It became a formal summer headwear that emerged as a warm-weather alternative when it got adopted in the men's wardrobe. It was famous all through the late 19th century and early 20th century. It was a regular summer hat for sailing and boating activities.


Ever since 1952, the hat became a part of the uniform of different universities. Various magazines covered the significance of boater hats in the 1950s. Several entertainers also used the hat for entertainment purposes, while many entrepreneurs also had an interest in it. Slowly and steadily, it became a popular option among women in the 20th century. There were different varieties of boater hats available in the market. Gradually it became famous all over the world.


When it comes to the types of straw hats available in the market, there are varied boater hats. From the Panama hats to the fedora hats to the boater straw hats, these have been popular worldwide. You must have a comprehensive understanding of these typologies so that you can choose the one which suits your requirement:


  • Boater straw style: Men who have been interested in boater hats love the formal look of this headwear. It is best suited for the warm weather, while it is also an alternative for the winter season. It got manufactured from a stiff straw. It gives a distinct look to the brim and hat. These days school-going boys use boater-style hats. These hats are also popular among the fashion industry and travel bloggers. You may find them on different travel pages on the social media platform. It is a unisex option that is fashionable and timeless.


  • Panama straw headwear: Panama straw hats give a breathable and casual look. They are quintessential for versatile hat wearers. These hats are popular among men with linen suits or light silk suits. These are traditionally worn by high-class businessmen ever since the 1880s. The weave of the Panama hat has a lot to do with the price tag. They are popular among tourists and vacationers. It not only provides sun protection but also gives a distinctive look. Political leaders all across the globe have used Panama hats time and again. Their popularity among leaders has also resulted in increased demand for this headwear. It gives a sporty, stylish and confident look. It is perfect for formal locations. These days some variations for women are also available in the market. Celebrities from different corners of the world wear Panama straw hats for a stylish look.


  • Fedora straw hats: People often confuse Panama hats with fedora hats. They are not the same. The main difference between these two is in terms of the fabric. For Panama hats, the material is coarse, whereas fedora hats have different materials. The summer straw hat is made from varied types of straws, while fedora hats are from felt. Fedora hats have a low crown, moderately vast brim, and pinched front. When coming to the Panama hats, they give a more casual look. Hence, if you are in a tussle of which hat to choose, you can select the one depending on the material and the event you have to attend.


  • Floppy beanie hats: Floppy beach straw hats are a recent favorite among women. They have broad brims which provide sun protection and also compliment your bikini look. Some of these hats come with ten inches wide brim that protects your shoulder from the scorching sun. These are also available in different price options and materials. However, you have to pay attention to various factors and the material's tightness before choosing one.


How Will You Use a Boater Hat?


People are hesitant while wearing traditional hats for an occasion. It is because they do not have a reasonable understanding of how and where to use them. You have to match your hat with the outfit so that it complements your overall look. Hence, it will give a boost to your self-confidence if you follow the basic guidelines.


  • Boater hats are best for the summer season as they have a wide brim. It protects you from the sun. Hence it goes well with the traditional setting. If you are wearing a summer suit or blazer, you can match it up with these hats. Moreover, these also go well with trousers and jackets.
  • Boater straw hats are traditional headgears that go well with black-tie outfits. You can wear them in the summer season or other seasons as well. It also looks nice with a full tuxedo. However, it looks best with black tie and trousers.
  • With a relatively substantial brim, boater hats are best if it relates to the face shape. These hats are best suited for long oval faces, while those with narrow rims go with round faces.


Hence, you have to keep your physique under consideration before choosing one style.

Boater hats will not only boost your confidence but will also help you stand out among others. Whether you opt for boater straw hats, Summer Straw Hat, Panama hats, or fedora hats, it all depends on your personality and occasion.