steven tyler wearing an el dorado top hat with sr2 hatband

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Livin' on the Edge of Style | Steven Tyler's got some style!

Steven Tyler knows how to live large. When you've spent your whole life fronting a band as big as Aerosmith, showmanship becomes second nature. The lights, the sounds, they all become a part of you. It's not surprising that the eye catching El Dorado Leather Top Hat with SR2 hatband is the hat that The Demon of Screamin' grabs before he hits the red carpet.

Someone as iconic as Steven Tyler can't have a basic hat, no no no! Steven Tyler's the kind of guy that you know is a rock star from the moment you see him. A lowkey hat just wouldn't fit the bill for Mr. Tyler. That's why he comes to us when he's looking for a badass new lid to add to the collection. Check out some of Steven Tyler's favorite hats and much more here