couple golfing in their sun hats

Straw Sun Hats that Make a Statement on the Golf Course

Play Golf In Comfort and Style Wearing a Straw Sun Hat 

The game of golf has come a long way from the days of hitting a pebble around a natural course of sand dunes, rabbit runs and tracks with a stick off the eastern coast of Scotland. In fact, it’s become an avenue for fashion in the U.S. with its popularity peaking in the 1920s as a spectator sport. Players, male and female, have sported their favoriter collared or polo-style shirts, lightweight pants or skorts, two-tone shoes, and most importantly, their sun protective headwear. Although the greens have seen everything from visors to athletic brand ball caps and cowboy hats there is one hat style that famous golfers Sam Snead, Greg “The Shark” Norman, and even Tiger Woods agree on. It’s the straw sun hat and there are plenty of reasons why!

Lightweight, breathable, and 100% comfortable, the straw sun hat makes a statement of casual elegance on and off the course. With plenty of styles and color options to choose from, golfers can continue to showcase their fashionable flare while playing the game they love. To prevent you from needing a mulligan when it comes to your attire, we have highlighted a few of our favorite men’s and women’s straw hats below. 

Men’s Straw Sun Hats That Are Above Par 

There are few distinguishing factors that make a straw sun hat stand out from the crowds and these 3 unique styles do precisely that. Beyond being comfortable to wear under the heat of the sun, they provide players with character and a personalized sense of style through the use of color, shape, and texture. 

The Milan Straw Fedora, available in cream, tan, and black, is a trusted choice from the long time hat connoisseur to the first timer. The timeless fedora teardrop crown with a stiff shell is complimented by an ultra comfortable elastic interior sweatband to help you stay cool on those cloudless days. Finished with a sleek leather band and chinstrap, just in case the wind blows, you’ll be able to approach the fairway with an air of confidence. 

Craving something a little more unique? Then the Cabo Straw Top Hat was made for you. It comes in a stunning latte color that features a brown and cream brisa weave with rustic accents across the crown. Deemed as a favorite summer hat by customers, it fits comfortably with the stick on liners and looks marvelous from near and far. 

For ultimate protection against the sun the Madrid Straw Pork Pie Sun Hat, available in cream and tan, is a must have. The 3" wide brim, breathable 4" crown and chin strap, make this hat a perfect choice for the warmest of days. Although the shape strays slightly from a typical pork pie hat, its flat domed crown with a crease running along the inside top edge will help viewers distinguish its intended style. 

A “Hole-in-One” Look with these Straw Sun Hats for Women

If you’ve never thought of yourself as a hat person then there’s a good chance you’ve never found your Ace style. These women’s straw sun hats were made to be the crème de la crème of fashion forward head wear and they will surely keep you cool while you dominate the game. 

The Women’s Tuscany Straw Fedora Hat, available in cream and tan, is a top seller. It’s classic and stylish construction adds a sense of mischievousness to your look, so if you’re planning to sike out the competition this hat can help. With a 2” brim it doesn’t offer the most protection from the sun, however the mesh patterned crown makes it incredibly breathable. 

Let the Women’s Florence Straw Hat frame your face beautifully with shade given it’s 3.5” brim. Available in 3 neutral options: cream, tan, and hazelwood, the Panama style will look phenomenal with just about anything you wear. Add the chin strap to help it stay in place on a windy day, or opt to wear it without for a more carefree look. 

Bold, playful, and colorful or classic, clean and neutral, both options are available with the Roxy Straw Hat. Choose pink, red or a soft tan to match your favorite outfit to play golf in and know that this hat will give you ultimate sun coverage with it’s 3.5” brim. Approach tee time in style and know that you’ll stay cool all day with its lightweight and breathable construction. 

American Hat Makers Craft Straw Hats That You’ll Want to Wear

American Hat Makers specializes in making quality straw sun hats that not only protect you against the elements, but make an easy, breezy, and effortlessly cool statement. In our opinion, hats are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of history and have the ability to make you feel more prepared, comfortable, and even confident to tackle life’s obstacle course. Feel like a pro, regardless of your swing, and enjoy every part of your golf day while wearing the perfect straw sun hat.