Bison Subzero Leather Packable Winter Hat


Stylish Hats That Aren’t Beanies to Keep You Warm this Winter

Winter Hats Keep You Warmer

Tis’ the season to defy cold ambient temperatures in style by keeping your head covered with more attractive and cozy options than your old go-to knit beanie. Amp up your wardrobe by choosing between a plethora of fashionable hats made from wool felt, waxed cotton, leather, faux fur, and satin. Relish in their versatile, weather resilient, and comfortable construction that feature insulating liners, environmentally friendly wool felt, and weather resistant leather. 

Whether you fancy fedoras, bowlers, newsboy caps, or cowboy hats there is a warm winter option for you. Get inspired for an upgrade by familiarizing yourself with these featured winter hats. They will keep your head toasty and your face smiling so that you can greet the fresh, brisk air with sophisticated confidence all winter long. 

We are Loving Hats Lined for Warmth 

For those of you that have experienced the nip of zero degree temps with a -19°F wind chill then you know how amazing it feels to wrap yourself in layers made of fur, fleece, feathers, or satin. If that’s an extreme you have yet to encounter in life then there’s a chance you’ve been cocooned in the covers of your bed like a marsupial some winter night and can relate to how comforting it felt to wrap your body in the additional fabric. When it comes to your head being exposed to rain, snow, wind, and freezing temperatures, it’s highly beneficial to wear hats with an additional insulating liner. 

Below are a few hats lined for warmth that will give your head the feeling it has been hugged by a panda. 

Bison Subzero Leather Packable Winter Hat

The American outback-style Bison Subzero Leather Packable Hat is made of an extremely soft, almost buttery bison leather. This limited edition version comes lined with ultra soft faux fur that locks in heat, making it perfect for winter time. It offers ultimate sun and rain protection while being one of the softest, most comfortable hats you'll ever wear. Pack it into a suitcase or backpack and you’ll have the perfect companion on snowy mountain adventures. 

Townsman Outback Fedora Hat

Handcrafted of durable waterproof waxed cotton, the American Outback Townsman hat features a wide brim that will protect you from the elements. Fall in love with the ultra warm faux fur insulated crown, cherish the plaid underside of the brim, and sport it to any event with confidence knowing it was built to impress. 

Broner Herringbone 8 Quarter Cap

The Broner Herringbone is a classic 8 quarter cap shape perfect for your winter wardrobe. It’s high quality polyester and wool blended fabric with geometric pattern satin lining was made to trap in your head’s heat so that your entire body stays warm. Wear it to a high baller event or down the street to your favorite local saloon, it doesn’t matter because the neutral charcoal fabric makes it a versatile addition to any outfit for any wintry occasion. 

Aegean Santorini Greek Fisherman Cap

Command your wardrobe as though you were a captain directing your crew through the high seas with our classic Greek fisherman’s cap. This wool blend hat adds the perfect amount of character and fun for a flurry of winter festivities. Lined with a vibrant red satin, it offers warmth without sacrificing you any style points.

The Fry Felt Fedora

The Fry by American Hat Makers and Bollman Hat Company is an ode to the days of distinguished elegance, high class mischief, and western ruggedness. Handcrafted from a luxurious velvet-like Elite Felt, the Fry features a teardrop crown, fully satin lined interior, and a 2.5” ribbon bound brim. This unique piece is accented with a supple scrunched leather hat band that is finished with an eyelet laced corset detailing at center back. Wear it to a party, the jazz clubs, or an afternoon business meeting to make heads respectfully turn in awe. 

The Leisey 

The Leisey by American Hat Makers and Bollman Hat Company is characterized by rule breaking style and class. Made from velvet-like Elite Felt, it features a genuine pull-up leather brim, an outback crown, fully satin lined interior, and 2.5” dimensional brim. The top-grain cowhide leather brim showcases the materials natural variations in color and texture to give the hat a more rustic dimensional vibe. Made to impress and fashioned to protect your head from mild to moderate winter conditions. 

Say Hello to Wearable Wool Felt Hats

Felt has been used to make hats for centuries and the technology used to create it has come a long way since ‘carrotting’, aka the process utilizing mercury to separate the fur from the pelt which caused historic hatmakers to become ‘mad’ with hallucinations. Nowadays most felt hats are made with wool felt due to its superior thermal insulating properties, environmentally friendly production, and malleable construction. 

The following are wool felt hats that will make you crazy with envy, in a healthy, ‘I must have one’ sort of way. 

Motown Felt Fedora

The Motown felt fedora is both classic and cutting edge when it comes to style. The sturdy polyester burlap brim combined with a high quality wool felt crown make this hat a versatile addition for any season. Choose your favorite color: sage, sangria, navy, blue, or brown and you’ll easily have a go-to look for your winter apparel. 

Matterhorn Felt Hat

The 100% wool Matterhorn felt hat has a classic, timeless look that will function as a protectant against the sun regardless of how cold it is outside. Throw it on as you walk out the door to walk the dog or when in your en route to a friend’s dinner party. You’ll enjoy its lightweight construction and full service application. 

McQueen Felt Hat

The McQueen is a no nonsense, classic 100% wool felt fedora style. On stage with the band, behind the scenes in Hollywood, or touring the Alps, there's nowhere this hat isn't right at home.

Holliday Felt Cowboy Hat

The Holliday oozes style and respect whether you are dancing the night away, winning a few hands at the poker table or checking on your herd midday. This classic felt western style is made to compliment any occasion during any season and its stiff construction will help let you know it’s built to last. Add in the feathered hat band and you have yourself a look that will impress. 

Get to Know the Goods When Felt Meets Leather

Leather has been known for its enduring quality, weather resistance, and classic yet rugged good looks since the beginning of mankind. When leather is added to wool felt you get a gritty match made in a fashionable heaven. Whether you are going for a chic, bohemian look or a more classic and tailored aesthetic, the wide-brimmed fedoras and betty bowler will become the perfect final touch to your winter outfit. 

The following finely crafted hat designs will give you a major confidence boost when it comes to being able to get through the cold season fashionably. 

Betty Bowler Leather Hat

The Betty Bowler felt fedora hat boasts a timeless, classic look. Made from luxurious full grain American cowhide leathers and lite felt, it is finished off with a plaid underside on the brim. Warm, stylish, and notable, it’s the perfect winter accessory.  

Bushwick Men’s & Women’s Felt Fedora Hat 

The Bushwick is as classic as they come in regards to wide-brimmed wool felt and leather hybrid fedora hats. The design features a pinched style C-crown and detailed hatband. It’s durable, compliments a range of varying styles, and although it may not be the warmest of hat options, it will definitely help protect your head from sun, rain or snow.  

Men’sWomen’s Summit Fedora Hat

Made from luxurious full grain American cowhide leathers and lite felt, the Summit Leather Fedora will take you from the after-hours jazz club to brunch on the bay in style. With the colorful options of saddle, sage, sangria, navy, black, and coal, you can choose which variation suits you best this winter season.  

Winter Hats Have Never Been So Stylish

Winter hats can be alluring and practical. With versatility, resilience, and comfort in mind there are a plethora of fashionable options that will compliment your favorite peacoat, fur-lined parka, or insulated down jacket. You don’t have to sacrifice style this cold season for warmth, you can have both with insulating liners, wool felt, and weather resistant leather. Opt for something that hugs your head like a panda, makes others crazy with envy, and has enough grit to get you through the season. It’ll be well worth the investment.