American Hat Makers Family Thanks You


American Hat Makers Family Thanks You

A quick word from our President 

 In these challenging times I feel very grateful here at American Hat Makers. Around the country, 2020 has created challenge after challenge. We have all had to face them. Every day I am grateful for our dedicated and hardworking American Hat team. They stood up every day to satisfy, you, our customers. I am also grateful for our loyal long-term customers and new folks joining the American Hat family for the first time this year. Had it not been for all of you, we might not be here now.

In the hope that it is useful for others, here is what we did. Frist, we dove into the challenge right away adjusting our planning and actions across all fronts of the business based on the best information we had at the time and we continued to adjustment as events unfolded.

We tightened our belts. Sometimes it takes outside forces to show you things you might not have noticed. Challenges can and often do turn into opportunities.

We listened to our customers and met their needs with changes to our products and processes.

Doing these things has put us in a better position to handle further challenges and position us to serve you as we move toward the end of 2020 and begin a brand new year.

Thanks to you all,

Garth Watrous,

American Hat Makers CEO