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The 5 Most Chic and Versatile Straw Sun Hats for Women

Countdown of our 5 Favorite Straw Sun Hats for Women

If you’ve never thought of yourself as a hat person then there’s a good chance you’ve never found the right fashionable accessory that compliments your face shape, dress, and lifestyle. It’s been said that the perfect hat will not only physically fit around your head, but once it is on it feels like an extension of your character and you have an urge to wear it on a daily, weekly, or seasonally basis. To emphasize this point, American science fiction and fantasy writer Connie Willis once said, “There are some things one is born to wear, and I had obviously been fated to wear this hat.”

If you are on the lookout for a hat you’ve been fated to wear this summer then look no further. This list of top 5 chic and stylish summer hats for women will help you complete your fun loving, fresh flowing, and fabulously fashionable seasonal look. They will also provide you with sun protection to reduce premature aging and minimize the risk of skin cancer as you head to the beach, lake, golf course, or garden.

Let’s begin the countdown...

5 - Women’s Tuscany Straw Fedora Hat

The fedora has been highly regarded as a popular accessory since its premiere in 1882, and this classic straw variation showcases its lasting relevance in the world of fashion. The Tuscany fedora was built to help you beat the summer heat, while also giving a universally flattering shape. Pair it with a floral bralette or with a glamorous floaty maxi dress, either way you can easily dress it down or up to match the event. 

4 - Women’s Roxy Straw Hat

The Roxy Straw Hat screams, “Yes please, wear me to the beach!” As a classic Panama style hat that provides ultimate comfort and lightweight construction, this hat belongs at the cabana, on the boardwalk, or at any outdoor event. The 3 1/2" wide brim, available in a variety colors, and the mesh straw 4" breathable crown makes it a must-have for the hottest of hot days. Wear it while doing something active, whereby the chin strap will keep it in place, or lounging with your favorite book, it doesn’t matter because the Roxy was made to be worn with just about anything. 

3 - Women’s Barcelona Straw Sun Hat

If natural tones, classic construction, and the Panama hat style resonate with you then the Barcelona Sun Hat is a great choice. This straw hat offers a 3” wide brim, 4” breathable crown, and a chin strap so you can wear it while exploring the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, or walking Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It pairs beautifully with a strapless sundress, pair of baggy trousers, or denim button down. 

2 - Women’s Florence Straw Hat

The Women’s Florence Straw Hat is a top seller as it combines the classic Panama hat style with pure comfort in an affordable manner. The 3 ½” side brim, 4” crown, and chin strap make it the perfect protective accessory for an outdoor adventure, day on the golf course, or evening spent lounging in a hammock watching the sunset. Dress it up with lace and turquoise, or down with a ripped pair of jean shorts and sandals. It’s made to impress and that you will do while wearing it.  

1 - Women’s Milan Straw Fedora 

Similar to the Florence Straw Hat, the Milan Fedora adds an easy, breezy, and effortlessly cool look to your favorite summer apparel. With a shape that resembles the classic Panama toquilla hat, a sleek fedora, and the grit of western fashion you’ll love how it looks on your head. Light-colored, lightweight, and breathable, this beauty will inspire you to play outside as it protects you from nature’s most harsh elements in style. 

Enjoy Summer With a Women’s Straw Hat You Were Fated to Wear

American Hat Makers specializes in making quality handmade hats that not only protect you against the sun, but showcase your true character in style. In our opinion, hats are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of history and have the ability to make you feel sexier, smarter, happier, and even healthier in the moments that matter. Enjoy summer with the perfect sun hat, one you were fated to wear.