female wearing an outback hat at a lake

The Best Hats For Big Heads, Big Hair, or Durags

The Best Big Hat Options with Big Personality 

Why limit your options as to what hat styles you can wear if you have a big head, big hair, or you prefer wearing an extra layer, such as a durag, under your hat? Instead, broaden your fashionable repertoire with a fuller selection of hat types that are not only comfortable to wear, but they fit your even bigger personality!

Just for reference, the average male head is 22” ½, the average size female head is 21” ¾, and any head size over 23” ⅜ is considered a big head. One-size-fits-all hats generally target the median head size for both sexes, thus it covers a circumference of 21 ½” to 23”.

If you have no idea how big your head actually is then follow these steps:

  1. Go get a piece of string and tape measure or a soft tailor tape measure if you have one.
  2. Keeping level, wrap either the string or the soft tailor tape measure around your head about an inch above your ear. 
  3. When the two end points meet either note the number on the soft tailor tape measure or line the string up with your tape measure to get the most accurate reading. 

If your number is greater than 23” then it's no longer a mystery why most hats within the stores never seem to be quite big enough. If you know that you have thick or big hair that tends to feel bulky under average hat sizes then big hats may be your new jam. As well as if you prefer to wear a durag or any other headcover under your hat then you too may relish in the extra bit of space. See our size guide for more information.

The following handmade hats for men and women cover a range of sizes which can be further customized with padded, removable, washable, and replaceable sweat liners or self-stick Velcro™ sizers. They feature a plethora of styles that will not only fit, but when selected to complement your bone structure and personality they will feel like an expressive extension of your soul. 

Men’s Hats for Big Heads 

Whether you are David or Goliath it doesn’t matter so long as the hat fits and you're comfortable wearing it on the battlefield. Men of all heights, weight, shapes, and sizes can benefit from bigger hats. Whether you wear XL, 2X, 3X, or bigger you’ll be able to find quality hats that cover an array of styles within this collection. Leather, mesh, vegan, felt, staw, and many more top notch materials were used to customize each look so that your inner cowboy, bad boy, adventurer, or hustler can come out to play. 

The following are a few of our favorite men’s hats for big heads:

Midnight Rider Bravo Hat - A staff favorite, this durable adventurer hat is soft and flexible enough to handle anything. The topgrain leather is weatherproofed and ready to help the heaviest of rain roll right off the tip of the brim. With the options of black or chestnut the outback style will go with just about any getty up and go attire. 

Soaker Mesh Sun Hat - A top seller that will soak up the sun without sacrificing your comfort and classy style. This ideal summer hat features a soakable liner that you can easily detach to dunk in an ice chest or cool stream and reattach so that it keeps you cool during the hottest of days. To add to the features, the nylon mesh and polyester exterior is made to be water-resistant, however the laminated liner absorbs it in the moments you want it to. Packable and crushable, the Soaker Mesh Sun Hat is the perfect travel companion for any outdoor occasion.

El Dorado Top Hat, 5 Skull Band - Another staff favorite that features raw attitude and understated style. This quality leather top hat demands respect with its 5 subtle skulls draped around the crown. Wear it with a pair of ripped jeans or a fine pair of slacks, it won’t matter because no one in their right state of mind is going to mess with you while you’re wearing this hat! 

Women’s Hats for Big Heads

Yes women have big heads too! Ok, we said it now let’s move on so we can look at the incredible styles that come in larger sizes. The following are some of our top sellers. Although we are only focusing on 3 stellar hats within this post we can assure you there are many more to choose from. Take a look, scan our site by popularity, price or newest to oldest additions. We are positive you’ll find something that speaks to you and your fashionable conscience. 

The following are a few of our favorite women’s hats for big heads:

Women’s Falcon Cowboy Hat - Find the suggestion of flight in the striking lines and hand-hammered strength of the Double G Falcon. One of our top sellers, the bold curve of the intricately-decorated brim draws the eye and makes a powerful statement. Carefully accented with a tightly-braided leather band, the timeless shape of this leather cowboy hat flies with purpose and lands with pride. Available in a variety of colors, including black, brown, teal, and wine. 

Women’s El Dorado Top Hat, SR2 Band - Inside every one of us beats the heart of a hero. The Voodoo Hatter El Dorado leather top hat with SR2 band is made to compliment your long-coat as you step from the darkness into the neon night for battle. Whether in deep brown or midnight black, this hat stands tall featuring a 4 ½ inch crown, shapeable brim, and a contrasting band with lock rings and braces. Wear it proudly to a party, concert or steampunk event, your choice. Just make sure to have some heroic adventure while sporting its style.

Women’s Breeze Sun Hat - The American outback-style Breeze Sun Hat is the ideal combination of breathable mesh and water repellent leather. Made to keep you cool and dry on the hottest of days during your most demanding of adventures, this hat is ready for summer. Are you?

I Have a Big Head...  

“I have a big head, so I can appreciate a good hat.” - Khalil Mack, the 6 ft 3 in linebacker for the Chicago Bears

At American Hat Makers we couldn’t agree more! We specialize in making handmade hats for every head size and believe it's important to make the entire gamut accessible to everyone. Good hats, in our opinion, are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of our customer’s soul and have the ability to make them feel sexier, smarter, happier, and even healthier in the moments they need a little extra boost. We pride ourselves in creating big hats with big styles for every occasion.