The BEST Sun Hats to Show Off While Sunbathing on Your Patio

The BEST Sun Hats to Show Off While Sunbathing on Your Patio

Sun Hats That Offer Style AND Protection 

A little bit of a good thing can be beneficial when it comes to the sun’s ability to lift your mood and generate Vitamin D, however too much of it can be harmful to your skin. In addition to applying sunscreen, sun hats are an important preventative health care habit worth adopting this season. As a natural barrier that protects your face, neck, shoulders, and ears from the sun’s powerful UV rays, hats with a 3 inch or more brim can help reduce your risk of sunburns, melanoma, and other forms of skin cancer. As summer months approach, opt to responsibly enjoy warm sunny afternoons on your patio in style with a straw, mesh, leather or vegan hat. With a plethora of styles, materials, and sizes you’ll easily be able to find one that not only complements your outfit, but matches your personality. 

Effortlessly Cool Women’s Straw Hats 

Add an easy, breezy, and effortlessly cool straw hat to your favorite summer dress, fashionable swimsuit, or pair of ripped jean shorts. With shapes that resemble the classic Panama toquilla hat, a sleek fedora, and the grit of western fashion you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Light-colored, lightweight, and breathable, these beauties will inspire you to play outside as they protect you from the elements in style. 

With 3 color options: cream, tan, and hazelwood, the Women’s Florence Straw Hat is a top seller. It combines the classic Panama hat style with pure comfort in an affordable manner. The 3 ½” side brim, 4” crown, and chin strap make it the perfect protective accessory for an outdoor adventure or a day spent lounging in a hammock reading your favorite book. 

For a little more flare, be impressed and feel impressive while wearing the Gigi Pip Arlo Straw Fedora Hat. The universally flattering shape features a teardrop crown and slightly curled up brim. Handwoven venting gives ultimate breathability, whereby the leather multi-strand band and Gigi Pip bronze pin give it a well tailored and classic appeal. 

Trendy Casual Men's Straw Hats

There’s something quite sexy about a man in a casual pair of slacks wearing a straw hat. Almost as if it says, join me for a comfortable afternoon relishing in deep conversation while sipping mojitos on the patio post playing a cordial round of golf. Or the allure of a mysterious cowboy tipping his hat to the crowd post wrangling a steer under 8.3 seconds. Choose a style that best suits your intentions so that your straw hat communicates more than your fashion sense. 

The Ft. Worth Freedom Hat looks incredible on any guy on a ranch or in the city. The durable, lightweight, and iconic straw construction guarantees you stay cool and protected, whereby the classic western style assures you look quite at home in your wardrobe. Buy it for its functionality, but fall in love with it for its fashionable allure.  

Craving a little more coverage? Then choose the Broner Wide Brim Palm Sun Hat. It’s palm weave is lightweight, flexible, and a great option for maximizing sun protection with its wider brim. It also will look great with a festive pair of board shorts or pair of ripped jeans.  

Women’s Hats for Big Heads, Wraps, and Scarves

There is a full collection of sun hats that fit women with larger heads and/or need a bigger size to accommodate for a scarf, head wrap, or wig. With mesh, leather, straw, and vegan options you won’t feel as if you need to sacrifice your sense of style or your ability to be outside this summer with these functional and fashionable hats. 

In addition to a plethora of sun hats, fedoras, and cowboy hats, the Women’s Crusher Outback Leather Hat is a must have. Offered in 6 colors its resilient construction allows you to crush it, pack it, or wear it while hiking, backpacking, riding horseback, or relaxing at your favorite beach. Wide-brimmed and rated for UPF 50 it will provide you with the ultimate protection from both the sun and rain. 

Men’s Hats for Big Heads and Wraps

Style, comfort, and quality matter and are available to men with large heads with this stylish collection. Find a plethora of styles available in Large, Extra Large, XX, and 3X so that you can pick and choose which one best suits your needs.  

A top seller is the Soaker Mesh Sun Hat. Water-resistant with a soakable liner to keep you cool during the hottest of days, this hat is ideal for summer. The nylon mesh and polyester exterior keeps the water out, while the laminated liner absorbs water, when you want it to. Choose between the 7 color options and sport it proudly at a variety of outdoor events. 

Show Off Your Summer Fashion with a Quality Hat

At American Hat Makers we specialize in making quality handmade hats that not only protect you against the sun, but showcase your true character in style. In our option hats are more than your average accessory. They represent a piece of history and have the ability to make our customer’s feel sexier, smarter, happier, and even healthier in the moments they need a little extra boost. 

We pride ourselves in creating sun hats that act as a natural barrier so that they protect your face, neck, shoulders, and ears from the sun’s powerful UV ray. Wear your favorite straw, mesh, leather or vegan hat this season and benefit from the added bonus of being able to go outside, worry-free.