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The Inseparable History of Vietnamese Fashion and Conical Hats

Vietnamese fashion is typically related to a conical hat and a long flowy dress. For many people it is just a hat that Vietnamese people wear, but it is a crucial and functional headwear that is sacred to Vietnamese culture and history for the people of Vietnam. You might wonder what the significance of conical hats is for them. Many people who come to Vietnam purchase conical hats and keep them as a souvenir, but it is just a hat for them. However, if you ever make a trip to Vietnam, you will see that this conical hat is a cultural symbol of the Vietnamese lifestyle. It is an inseparable part of Vietnam's cultural life, and it also enriches and represents their rhythm of life.


The exact point of origin is tough to determine, but many stories and legends relate to the conical hat. The hat directs two critical ancient relics that existed between 2500bc to 3000bc. Not only men and women but even laborers and farmers love to wear conical hats. Many people wear it for utility, and many people wear it to adorn their outfit. You can style Summer Straw Hat to stand out in the crowd.


Vietnam is a subtropical country. As such, it is sweltering, especially during summer. Many people wear it to protect themselves from the grinding and scorching heat of the sun. Even during the autumn, it is a good layer of protection from extreme rain. Farmers love to wear it to protect themselves from scorching rays of the sun when they work in the field. However, a conical hat became a souvenir and fashion accessory very soon.


How Do People Design a Conical Hat?


For the commoner, conical hats' design is simple, but you should know that constructing a conical hat is very complicated. A conical hat is handmade; people add luxury to its detailing. There is no such machine that can create the minute weaves of the conical hat. There are two necessary materials used in making a conical hat that is leaves of some bamboo trees and the leaves of some palm trees. There are multiple concentric rings to create a petite frame attached to a bamboo bar that gets organized into a vertical pattern. People invest effort and time to make a conical hat; neat and precisely weave it into a sturdy frame.

The needlework that brings out the cap's entire structure is very precise and intricate, and only people who have years of experience can bring out good results. People who make these hats do not just have dexterous hands, patience but also respect for their culture. Many villages in the northern part of central Vietnam gave their life in selling and manufacturing conical hats. They take immense pride in doing so.

The construction of a conical hat is very complicated, but many hat makers love to make it even more intricate. There are regional variations in Vietnam that will make the hat even more classy, unique, and integrated. Some parts of Vietnam make the conical hats appear flatter than other parts. Many regions in Vietnam brings out lovely hats. There is a very artistic and romantic city in Vietnam, and it is pretty famous for bringing out unique kinds of conical hats.


Significance of Conical Hats in the Fashion Industry


You cannot deny the fact that a conical hat has become a fashion statement. Many distinguished fashion designers all over the world have used these hats on their models in fashion shows. Even today, many mainstream stores use conical hats. Many celebrities use conical hats, and they have their way of interpreting a conical hat and in their attire.

People of all ages and status wear these hats without any distinction. It is just a symbol of respect for both farmers and laborers on the field. Still, it represents nobility and an emblem of sophistication for the Vietnamese.


How to Style Conical Hats with a Boring Outfit?


Travelers who visit Vietnam love to buy conical hats as an exciting and memorable part of the trip. Many people associate the conical hat in winter with an iconic image that reminds people of paddy workers working on the field. Vietnamese girls love big conical hats with their traditional dresses. As such, you cannot deny that it has become an integral part of their culture. As you take a walk down the streets, you will see Vietnamese locals wearing this hat.

There are a variety of hats made out of palm leaves. There are many stories related to the origin of conical hats. Many people also believe that the craftsman who used to make these hats also added poems in the weaves. Some stories or rumors say that he used to make poem verses and then adorn them between hat layers. This incident has become a crucial part of Vietnamese art and culture.


There are ideal ways to style your conical hat. Of course, people get protection for their head from sun rays, but you can also add a layer of varnish to make the hat waterproof. It will not only adorn your outfit, but it will also act as an umbrella protecting you from extreme weather conditions like sun and rain. Some people try to get creative when it comes to styling conical hats; they turn them upside down to use them as a basket.


You cannot only store small items in this basket, but you can also store water. Many people say that during extreme weather conditions, this hat acts as a cooling device. People in Vietnam wear a wet conical hat during the summer months to stabilize the body temperature through evaporation. People also use it as a fan. It is priced favorably and is very lightweight; therefore, people love to make it a part of their headwear wardrobe.