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The leather hat styles for everywhere and anywhere

There was a time when hats enjoyed a special place in the attire. A man would wear one to put together a refined and well-rounded look. Anyone donning this would instantly dominate the limelight. After all, it was a style statement that required lots of oomph and courage to flaunt one right. This fashion may have taken a backseat for some time, but its rise in recent years has been phenomenal, especially in the leather. When you wear leather, you want to make sure you look perfect from head to toe. You may have leather pants, vests, jackets, and boots in your wardrobe. Still, you cannot get a complete look without a leather hat.

If you love to show off your style, explore the range of leather hats at American Hat Makers. We offer high-quality materials made to last for decades. While our collection is primarily for fashion needs, you can easily pass these down as an heirloom to your younger generation. The sturdy hats would be there with you and for you. Their durable and sturdy construction would never disappoint you. However, it’s not the long-lastingness alone why our leather hats are so good. The breathable base in suede or oil finish lends them additional character.

Whether you choose suede or oily finish, you would be quite a head-turner in the sea of people. Not only would they admire your choice but also the style and design of the hat along with its material.  Here are some must-have options for you and anyone committed to their taste and personality type.


Fedora Leather Hat


After standing the test of time, Fedoras have proved they are apt for any style. Whether you wish to recreate a gangster-like look of the 1920s and 1950s or a hipster charm of the 2000s, you can hunt our collection to choose something for your closet. The felt fedora hats are the latest trends. You can make this yours carving a fashion signature. Although these look fabulous in every color and size, you can go with medium widths and neutral tones for their versatility.


Buffalo Leather Hat


Our bison leather hats are better than cowhides and complement any look you wanted to achieve. It is comfy yet stylish. For any adventure seeker, it is an unbeatable handy accessory. You can trust the bison leather to provide excellent sun protection when you are busy chasing your adrenalin interests.


Folsom Leather Hat


These pork pie hats can look naughty, but you can depend on them to accompany you wherever you desire. The tight dimensions and low-profile are the mainstays. When you wear it, you can feel comfortable and focus on your task. A black hat with pops of white can be the perfect pick for your fashionable appeal.


Leather Top Hat


People say nothing can beat the sophistication and strong presence of the top hat. And when you have this in leather, you can very well imagine the scene. A short top hat, however, looks quite stylish. With flat crowns and broad brims, the top hats can match any high-class clothing effortlessly. You can also add this to have some fun with your formal outfit, though.

The choices are endless and premium. Whether you want it for yourself or to gift someone dear, you can explore our pervasive offerings to your heart’s content.