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The Use of Hats for Different Shades of Character from Old to New Hollywood Movies

Wearing a hat was once a lifestyle and status choice. You could see people donning one on the streets. But things have changed a lot. It may not form a part of daily wear today; still flaunting one can be visually appealing. It can immediately become the owner's signature fashion statement. Hats are such powerful accessories that even Hollywood couldn't resist them. These weaved magic into a character portrayal back then and continue to do the same onscreen even today. Earlier, the choices were outrageous; however, things have quite toned down. Let’s experience this through some old and new releases of the time.

The Wicked Witch of the West

This 1939 film has such a strong influence that even if someone asks you to imagine a witch hat, you would probably end up thinking of the style shown in it. The cap may not have been too flashy, but its pointed profile will always remain etched in everyone's memory. There may have been such designs even before; however, you cannot forget its association with the movie and character.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

This American movie hit the theaters in 1971. In this film, the eponymous character Willy Wonka dons a tan colored top hat. The earthy hue choice was as unusual as the shade of Gene Wilder’s onscreen portrayal of Willy Wonka, who is eccentric. Looking at him, you may feel that a fashion sense of the 1920s has come alive. Still, the use of tan streak with his purple velvet jacket and floral shirt design can be every bit crazy but not ridiculous.


Steven Spielberg’s most characters wear hats. His inclination towards baseball caps is hard to miss for anyone. In this 1975 cinematic drama, the protagonist Matt Hooper seemed to possess quite a few hat options for his trip. He flaunted a beanie on the sea in the open during the summer when it could feel chilly. And in the sunshine, he would opt for the trendy bucket style.

Raiders of the Lost Ark  

In this 1981 action-adventure American film, you can see serial killers and office goers in fedoras. However, what steals the entire show is a fedora hat worn by Indiana Jones, who transforms from an archaeology professor into an action hero. The depiction of the silhouette is still so powerful that you can instantly guess who that character is.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Now, who would not remember Freddy Krueger? The star in stripes and custom gloves with frayed fedora had his unique sartorial looks. The hat added a dramatic touch to his theatrics. It was a 1984 film. If you want to see what effect fedora lent to this character, go back to this film once.

Jurassic Park

You must have already guessed what you should expect from this another Spielberg's legendary piece of work, showcased in 1993. Yes, it did have the typical baseball hats. The fictional characters Indy and Dr. Alan Grant mostly wore their hats on duty in Jurassic Park. But the hat had both functional and aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, Dr. Ellie Sattler’s style mainly consisted of bucket hats and double denim. The look seemed to have quite a lot of resemblance with Jaws. You can witness Spielberg’s presence in the choice of outfits right from the 70s to the ‘90s.

Harry Potter

The interest in hats kind of got rekindled when the fantasy film series of Harry Potter came out in 2001-2011. In The Sorting Hat part, you come across so many hat types. For example, you can think of Dumbledore’s flat top. The Sorting Hat was a sentient hat that had to segregate Hogwarts pupils into four houses magically. You may feel the headwear had an unassuming design, especially if you compare its utility in terms of its responsibility. However, the hat still looked lively through its wear and tears. It may not have been attractive, but it did create a fascination for itself.

Mary Poppins Returns

In this 2018 release, the two characters – spy and nanny, may not have anything common between them. But the character Mary Poppins in a red hat and blue coat can remind of the similarities with another fictional creation, Peggy Carter, in terms of clothing. Mary Poppins’ costume is nothing less than a visual treat for jaded eyes. Her outfit looks every bit practical and perfect. However, what brings a modern touch to the entire setup is a pink bowler hat. It stands out from earlier Hollywood hat choices for its color and design. If you also want to wear it in a modern style, check out bowler hat collection at American Hat Makers.

If you paid attention to the movies made earlier and recently, you must have realized how the use of hats has changed from being a dramatic addition to a regular kind over time, something you and everyone can wear in their real lives. It did not have to adorn a witch or an eccentric personality. It gradually became a part of the simple costume of the people.

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