todd ogren playing keyboard on stage wearing an el dorado leather top hat

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Sacred Tongues, Rival Sons, and badass hats!

Does anyone know where to find good music these days?

Just in time for the launch of Rival Son's new record label, Sacred Tongue Recordings, we're doing a shoutout for Todd Ögren. There's hardly been a more badass bearded keyboardist and trust us, there's a lot of bearded keyboardists. A couple years ago I was second row at a Black Sabbath concert. While I was absolutely expecting the show of a lifetime seeing that I was only a couple of feet in front of guitar legend Tony Iommi, I hardly expected to be so thrilled with the opening band. If you've never heard of Rival Sons, do yourself a favor and check them out. For a solid hour, my sonic proclivities were shaken to the core by the masterful keyboarding of none other than Todd Ögren. My eardrums were drowned in wave after wave of the most funky, luscious rhythm tracks and I don't think my hearing has been the same since.

Also, did we mention the dude has great taste in hats?

todd ogren wearing the el dorado leather top hat with sr2 hat band

With a beard as distinguished as that, it's not surprising that Todd's go-to hat is the iconic El Dorado with SR2 Hatband. Todd's been rocking American Hat Makers styles for a while now, and has even been spotted wearing a rarer style we used to make from way back in the day called the Django. 

todd ogren playing tambourine and keyboard on stage with his django hat

Todd's a cool guy. He wears cool hats. Be like Todd.