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Unique, High-Quality Leather Gift Ideas that Tell a Powerful Story

Leather tells a story as it reveals it’s natural imperfections, brands, and markings in a unique and continuous way. Historically it has been seen as a symbol of elegance, style, and power when traded amongst civilizations. It’s durability, malleability, and breathability led to its regular use in fabricating protective gear, hats, bags, cases, decoration, clothing, and so much more. 

To give the gift of leather has commonly been seen as an impressive way to express your love, friendship, or thanks to the recipient due its luxurious versatility and long-term worth. Some would say, when you give the gift of leather, you are sharing a lifetime of quality comfort.  

Our Story in Selecting the Best Leather Gifts 

When it comes to selecting the best leather for accessories and hats, we defer to the founder of American Hat Makers, Gary Watrous. His story began nearly 50 years ago when he started selling handmade leather belts and wallets out the back of his Chevy Station Wagon. By utilizing the highest quality grade of leather, full grain and top grain leather, we’ve been able to create a large, unique selection of iconic yet practical leather hats and accessories. Our expertise as leather hat artisans is apparent when viewing our collections and will be recognizable by anyone receiving one of our products as a gift. 

If the attributes ‘unique, elegant, stylish, and powerful’ strike a personal note or immediately remind you of a particular person you know, then the following suggestions can help become your perfect gift giving solution. Using the best, handmade by the best, and customized for the best, we guarantee your giftee will be impressed. 

A Top Grain Leather Hat: Women’s Leather Hats, Men’s Leather Hats

Top grain leather hats for women and men are absolute jaw droppers. Not only are they made with the crème de la crème leather and cut by industrial grade hydraulic presses, but they are stylized to showcase personality, prestige, and practicality. Both the women’s and men’s collections contain fashions that inspire the wearer to do more than just put on a hat. They inspire people to go places, do things, and be exactly who they want to be while sporting a look that best suits their personality. 

If you know your friend or loved one well, then you’ll know that the stylings of a Marlow La Catrina Top Hat, Folsom Black Pork Pie, or Vulcan Bison Leather Western Hat will not only make them smile, but it will make them glow with appreciation and pride. Give the gift that makes them glow.  

A Couture Luxury Hat 

If we are to elaborate on hats that make people glow, then we have to mention the Couture Luxury Hat collection. These one-of-a-kind specialities highlight everything that is exotic, eccentric, and entirely worth having for that up-and-coming big event. 

If there is a gala or a New Year’s Eve celebration in your near future and you want to prep your favorite person with the perfect costume accessory then this is it! Wow them with an artistic Burlesque beauty and vintage Ostrich plume featured on the Wicked Elegance, or bedazzle them with fine netting, jewels, and majestic feathers that make up the Black Raven Top Hat. The gift will not only take their breath away, but it will cause reactions amongst everyone at the party! 

A Survival Hat for the Wilderness Enthusiast 

The perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, and being in the wilderness. Not like any other hat of its kind, the Survival Hat features a removable hatband that acts as an emergency bracelet to aid in lifesaving if an adventure takes an unexpected turn. It’s made of 420 denier coated pack cloth fabric and urethane coated nylon to provide superior durability against rips or tears and has deep cargo pockets that are perfect for storage. This advanced model offers a number of other life-saving features, such as a fire starter cord, emergency whistle, and emergency phone charger. The Survival Hat is a gift that has the potential to give back in a BIG way by saving someone’s life.

Upcycled Leather Accessory Gifts 

We craft our leather bags and accessories from the leftover scraps of the hat making process. We care about the environment, support sustainability, and work to minimize our waste as much as possible by utilizing our quality leather ‘scraps’ in various innovative ways. Keep reading to see some of the unique accessories we’ve created and continue gaining fabulous gift ideas. 

A Functional and Beautiful Leather Bag

If giving a hat feels a little too personalized and risky, then we have a series of alternative high-quality and advantageous gift ideas. Choose the Whirlwind Leather Travel Bag which features a functional and beautifully marbled deep maroon cowhide, durable shoulder strap, a large interior, and three smaller packets for storage. Another fabulous option is The Kelina Boho made up of a gorgeous flowing plonge leather fringe that compliments the primary storage and useful interior pockets. Functionality and style can go hand-in-hand when carried on your shoulder. 

Leather Cuffs and Hat Bands

Leather cuffs and hat bands are some of the more versatile and attractive accessories you can gift. They give a sleek and casual chic feel or a touch of rustic, outdoorsy charm to just about any look. Add a little extra something to her get up with bronzed top grain leather and gorgeous Swarovski crystal rivets in the Jeweled Bronze Cuff or give him a Double Rattle Band for his favorite hat. It’s the attention to detail that is most impressive and these accessories define the utmost attention to details.  

Leather Travel, Office, and Professional Accessories

If wearable fashion isn’t an appropriate gift, then our leather travel, office, and professional accessories may be better options. With functionality, durability, and aesthetics in mind, these products will show your gift recipient that you truly care about giving quality. 

Select a leather passport holder, leather journal, or leather luggage tags to accompany your friend along their travels. Or choose between leather mouse pads, portfolios, and cable holders for your co-worker or boss that’s in need of sprucing up their mobile or stationary office. Each item is handcrafted by skilled artisans that care.  

Give the Gift of High-Quality Leather

The best gifts are ones that the recipient will remember as they evoke somewhat of an emotional response and/or become a part of their life story. Base your selections on the occasion, type of relationship, and what you know about the recipient. These aspects will help you decide which high-quality leather product is best suited to their needs, tastes, and stylings. 

Know you’ll not only be giving a leather product that gains more character as it ages, but you’ll be giving a gift that historically represents elegance, style, and power. Whether your gift selection is practical, impulsive, unique, spontaneous, used on a daily basis, or specific to one particular leather, it will always provide an experience that will last a lifetime. If you need more gift ideas, check out our gift guide for women, and gift guide for men.