Up Your Confidence and Style by Adding Hats to Your Wardrobe

When it comes to clothing accessories, women usually have a ton of options. They can choose from scarves, shawls, handbags, jewelry, layered fabrics, and more. The point is that they have a lot of choices. When it comes to clothing accessories for men, there aren't that many options around. Even though men have been expanding their wardrobe by experimenting with more accessories than before, one part of a man's wardrobe that has always been in style and will continue to be are hats.


There are dozens of varieties of hats, all suited for different occasions, weather, and dressing styles. What they all have in common is the fact that they can elevate any outfit. As long as they’re being used right. 

Hat Types



The classic hat is the one everyone imagines when talking about hats for men. It has been through a rollercoaster in terms of its public popularity since its introduction. Famously used by mobsters during the Prohibition period, it has now seen a rise in its popularity again. Perhaps due to the fact that it was reclaimed from certain women-hating groups by fashion-forward creative types. 


A Fedora is classically made out of smooth felt, with a wide brim, sporting two ‘dimples’ or ‘pinches’ down either side at the front, and a single crease running the length of the crown (the top), which itself is usually shaped like a teardrop.


Fedoras are great all-round hats as they complement formal outfits as well as casual ones. And by casual, we mean the business casual, not jeans and sweatshirts.


When you're purchasing one, choose neutral colors that can play well with any outfit that you have. If you go for darker colors, you might pigeonhole yourself into using the hat only with certain outfits. A fedora should fit snugly unless you are wanting to wear it askew, in which case go for one which is slightly large for you. 


The trilby is perhaps the smaller cousin of the fedora. Not as maligned as the fedora, the trilby is a classic hat that is suited for outfits and occasions that are slightly less formal. Trilbies were used by corporate types before falling out of style.


Trilbies look quite similar to Fedoras apart from the brim. Where the fedora's brim is wide and flat, the trilby has a very short brim that is usually slightly angled upward. It still has the 'pinches' or 'dimples' and the crease running down the crown.


Like fedoras, trilbies come in many colors and fabrics. Since they aren't as formal looking as fedoras, you can experiment a little bit with color. The best trilbies will still be made out of fur felt, but don't let that stop you from trying wool felt trilbies as well.


The hat named after the nation of Panama surprisingly is from Ecuador. But misnomers aside, the Panama hat is perhaps one of the trendiest hats out there right now. Traditional Panama hats are made from palm leaves that have been pleated and then weaved together, giving it its signature color and lightweight.


Panama is usually made in the same shape as the fedora, just with a ribbon going around the base of the crown. The primary difference is, of course, in terms of fabric and where it is made.


Panama is the quintessential summer hat that pairs well with smartly dressed modern fashion is the best way to pair up Panama. Paired with more tropical style clothing like Hawaiian shirts is also a good option to try.


The Flatcap and its slightly puffier brother with a button, the Newsboy, are two hats that are quite stereotypically British. While more famous kinds of hats like the Bowler and Top hat were popular among the British elite members, the Flatcap and Newsboy were often worn by the working class, especially dockworkers and newspaper boys (who could have imagined) in London.


These days these two types of hats represent a more relaxed air than the other hats we’ve covered in the list. They pair well with modest formals of drab coloring. If you are looking for a few options to pair with your jeans and tees, then both the Flatcap and the Newsboy complement the look while adding just a little bit of classy in their own way. 

How to Wear Hats 

Now that you know what the popular types of hats are, the question arises what the correct way to wear them is. The answer is that while there is no one correct way, there are several incorrect ways that you should try to avoid.


Firstly, your hat should complement your face structure. If your shape is round or oval, you should consider hats with a wider brim first. Similarly, if your face is small, then try smaller hats. While these are just general principles, you'll need to experiment before finding the best style to suit your face shape. Keep in mind that your head size matters, too, especially if you wear stiff brim hats as they're not going to stretch or bend to accommodate your head much.


Color matters. That's why your hat should not only be in tone, not necessarily matching, with your outfit, but it should also complement your skin tone. Since hats are accessories, they should bring an addition to the outfit. If your hat is clashing with something in your outfit, ditch one of them. An accessory, especially a hat, should not be clashing with the rest of your outfit.


So, how do you decide which hat is the correct one for you? There are so many types to choose from. And you’d rather not attempt to try and figure out if a straw Panama Hat works best in autumn or if a felt Trilby is still in style. 


While classic styles had fallen off in popularity, there has been a resurgence in interests in hats. Perhaps it is the evolving fashion styles. Or perhaps men want to wear hats now that they are not forced to wear them. Whatever may be the case, it’s time for every stylish man to jump on board and learn about some hats.