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Western and Cowboy Hats That Are Ace-High

Modern Western and Cowboy Hats That Give You Ace-High Style 

Bring your A-Game this season with a modern western or cowboy hat made from exotic leather, straw, or mesh. The custom shapes, textures, and breathable materials are not only luxurious, they are ace-high for a sinfully gorgeous appeal. Whether you are a true cowboy/cowgirl preparing for the next high stakes rodeo on the North American Rodeo Circuit or an urban cowboy/cowgirl ready to do the Dirty Boot Stomp line dance at your local saloon, we have your favorite Wild West accessory covered. 

The following handcrafted, distinctive, and pure quality western hats are made within the United Stated by American Hat Makers. Recognized by western enthusiasts in cities and countrysides across the globe, these hats not only incorporate the traditional high-crowned, wide brimmed style, but they embody the best attributes of a cowboy/cowgirl. Fearless, respectful, and hardy designs make those that wear these hats want to “Cowboy Up” in every way, shape, and form.  

Exotic Leather Cowboy Hats

Make a real statement with rattlesnake and alligator lizard skin inlaid and overload on the pinched crown of your Storm Cowboy Hat with Rattlesnake Skin Band. Or opt for striking lines, hand-hammered strength and intricately decorated brim provided by the Bayou Cowboy Hat, which is available in a variety of finishes such as reptilian black, marine teal, vino, and many more. Regardless of which color scheme or direction you go, exotic leathers will assure that your unique and high-end fashion sense is indisputable so that you stand out from the crowd. 

Straw Cowboy Hats

Straw cowboy hats are incredibly popular due to their intentionally lightweight construction, breathability, and superb protection from the sun. The Garland Straw Hat is a prime example of the classic western style palm weave that showcases a leather hatband decorated with metal conchos for additional character. And the Barcelona Curl Western Straw Hat is the perfect illustration of how a Panama style hat and 3” western shaped brim can offer more coverage in an adventurous way. By choosing a straw western or cowboy hat you’ll be 100% prepared for a day wrangling the cows or a warm summer night out with your friends. 

Mesh Cowboy Hats

Both the women’s cowboy hats and the men’s cowboy hats collections have mesh options for ultra durable, lightweight, and breathable western hats that will help you withstand the heat. Two of our favorites are the Women’s Gaucho and the Westbound Mesh Western Hat. The Women’s Gaucho Mesh Hat has a similar shape as the bolero, worn by Spanish dancers, with its flat medium to wide brim and low, flat crown. It’s finished off with a stunning wagon wheel hat band for an additional effect. Whereby the Westbound Mesh Western Hat has a classic cowboy hat shape and comes in black, walnut, or beaver colors to match your intended look. 

The benefit of mesh is that it is UPF 50+ rated for sun protection, soakable, ultra-comfortable, and includes padded removable, washable, and replaceable sweat liners which will wick away sweat like a pro. During the heat of the summer, you can’t beat a mesh western and cowboy hat!

Cowboy Hats for Big Heads

If you have an above average head size and are accustomed to paying a great deal of attention to your options, then you’ll be happy to know that the majority of our western and cowboy hats are available in larger sizes. With style, comfort, and quality American Hat Makers offer hats for heads sized 2X, 3X, and above. 

Our top sellers include the topgrain cowhide leather Women’s Cyclone Cowboy Hat, available in 7 colors (firewater, burnt honey, cobblestone, asphalt, branded, corcho vino, and blacktop), and the Falcon Cowboy Hat. The Falcon offers bold curves, an intricately-decorated brim, and a tightly-braided leather band. The timeless shape and variety of colors include black, brown, teal, and wine.

Cowboy Up This Spring With a Modern Western or Cowboy Hat

“That Cowboy look - the hat and the bandana - that’s not a fashion statement. That clothing is purely practical.” - Ethan Coen

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function, nor function for fashion when it comes to modern western and cowboy hats made by American Hat Makers. With an ace-high line of hats made from exotic leather, straw, and mesh for average to larger heads we assure you’ll get the best of both worlds. Our traditional and unique styles showcase that Wild West allure can stylishly meet modern comfort and design.