What is the Perfect Fit Sizing System?


What is the Perfect Fit Sizing System?

There’s a lot that sets us apart from the competition. Our quality, our lifetime guarantee, and the fact that when you support us, you support hardworking American families. But beyond that, we offer something with our hats that no other companies do. We call it the Perfect Fit Sizing System.

If you have any experience with our hats, you know that the sweatbands on the inside of the hat are removable. You see, on any hat you get, not just ours, the sweatband will be the first thing to go out. It’s constantly rubbing on your head, and having to deal with all of the sweat and oils our skin naturally produces. It’s quite obvious that sweatbands eventually need replacing. Other companies sew their sweatbands into the hat, which means when it’s time for a new one, you either need to send it back to the manufacturer, or simply scrap the hat and order a brand new one.

Our company is a little different, and unlike a lot of other big names in the business, we actually like to stand by our products and loyal fans! By making the sweatbands removable, it eliminates the need to limit the life of the hat to the sweatband on the inside. When one wears out, you simply throw in a brand new replacement. That being said, we have multiple different types of sweatbands available…

The first of which is what we simply called, the black Standard Sizer. This is the basic sweatband that will come inside your hat, and does not modify the fit or size of the hat. It acts as a barrier between your head and the hat, and acts to absorb sweat.

The second is what we like to call, the brown Half-Size Reducer. This sweatliner is the same shape as the standard, however, there's one big difference. This one is about twice as thick as the standard. It acts as a sweatband just like the first, but adds a little more cushion in cases where you want your hat to be a little tighter. Realistically, it actually reduces the size of the hat by a half size. It swaps in and out in seconds, simply by removing the standard sizer and sticking it to the velcro buttons inside the hat. 

Third, we have the next size up which we deem the gray Full Size Reducer. This one uses the same science as the half size, only it reduces the size of the hat by one whole entire size, hence the name. It’s about four times as thick as the standard, and adds a considerable amount of cushion to the inside of the hat, thereby shrinking the size.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the Self Sticking Reducer. This sizer was designed for any hat that doesn’t have Velcro on the inside of the hat. This option is great for any hat that isn’t ours. It has an adhesive backing, so you can apply this to the inside of any hat for extra cushion. 

 If you aren't sure of which sizer would best suit you, we offer an assortment pack that comes with one Standard, one Half-Size, and one Full-Size reducer! This will allow you to mix and match to truly dial in the size of your hat for a custom fit and feel.