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Why Boater Straw Hats Is a Wardrobe Essential?

The straw boater hats are best for a classic and outstanding look. Whether you have to deal with the warm weather or attend a formal event, there is no alternative to straw boater hats. These hats come from sennit or flat straw, known for their stiffness. These are naturally colored and horizontal straws that are braided or plaited at different angles. The hats are eclectically shaped and come with flat brims. The flat crown is another typical feature of boater hat. It also has a solid ribbon that runs around the crown and gives a classic look.


Boater straw hats are often confused with skimmers, basher, and sennit hats. However, these are not the same. Boater hats were popular among children and women in the 1860s. However, it became a commendable part of menswear in the 1880s. Hence, it emerged as a woman hat but later got adopted by the man. It was promptly a famous formal summer hat among both sexes.


Take a Look at the History of Boater Straw Hats


Straw hats were popular during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Individuals frequently used it during the summer season. People who are involved in sailing and boating activities took the benefit of this headwear. There are wide varieties of these hats available in the market. Moreover, world leaders, agents, and entertainers have also shown their interest in boater hats. It has thereby developed a reputation for itself ever since the 20th century. During the 1950s, these hats had become a part of the University uniform. These hats got illustrated by different magazines all across the globe during the 1950s. It had become an outstanding headwear used by entertainers. In addition to this, the businessman also showed interest in boater hats. It also added to its growing popularity in the early 20thcentury.


The Best Way of Using the Boater Straw Hats


You have to follow some basic guidelines if you expect to pull out some traditional style. Suppose you want to amalgamate your Summer Straw Hat with your attire; you can adorn your outfit with summer hats.  It will add richness to your personality. Depending on these factors, you can follow the below-given points:


  • Boater hats are mostly formal summer hats. Individuals love to wear them. It is best suited for the traditional setting and goes well with summer suits and blazers. You may also match them up with trousers and jackets.
  • As illustrated earlier, this traditional headwear goes well with formal outfits. Hence, you can pair it up with black-tie ensembles. It will look best with a full tuxedo, and you can wear it for the warmer seasons.
  • These come with substantial brims. Hence, you can protect yourself from the scorching sun. However, you have to consider your face shape before choosing one. The boater hats, which come with a wide verge, will complement long oval faces, while those with narrow rims are suited for round countenances.


As stated earlier, you can go for the style. Depending on the event you are attending and your personality, feel free to experiment with the typologies available on the market so that you can come up with something new.


Pairing Boater Hats with Dresses and Outfits


Boater hats that give a traditional look can get paired with different types of outfits with some caution. Research reveals that people who have the habit of wearing hats have undergone a reduction of 30% of body heat. When the head is cold, it causes cerebral issues. For preventing medical conditions like heart strokes and different signs of aging, hats are a necessity. However, you have to wear them with caution. These are listed below:


  • Vintage dress: You can pair your boater hats with vintage dresses for that romantic look. You can go for knee-length dresses, tops and skirts, and cute sandals. It will set you up for a perfect date.
  • You can pair it up with stripes: Stripes of different sizes go well with boater hats. Statistics reveal that women have been more interested in boater hats for pairing them up with different types of attires. It gives you a casual look and adds stylish elegance.
  • Pyjama sets: You can match the boater hats with pajama sets for an exceptionally rocking look. If you are interested in streetwear and casual choices, there is no alternative to boater hats. It will give you a unique look when you combine your dress with polished boater hats. You can also coordinate these items with luxury materials to define your personality to go well with the event.
  • Monochromatic restraint: Straw hats are the best option for individuals who love minimalist makeup. It is a beauty statement for women who appreciate the natural look. However, you have to see that all the elements of your outfit are well amalgamated.
  • Colorful trousers: Just like your jeans, which are easy to wear and comfortable, you can pair your boater straw hats with colorful trousers. When you go for bright colors, it gives a perk to your overall look. You can skillfully draw this look by pairing it up with white tops.
  • Bold prints: Bold prints are favorite among women. The classic straw hat with its neutral tone gives a dramatic and beautiful look. You may add a dose of advancement when you pair it up with these pieces.


Not only men but women also were boater hats. Numerous retailers can provide you with a wide variety of boater hats. There are different boater hat features that you may gaze at to come up with the one that suits your requirement. Wearing boater hats add to the style and give you a casual look. It is a significant head accessory that allows a touch of uniqueness. On cooler days, wearing hats protects the scalp and hair from becoming frizzy. However, proper up-keep of the hat is crucial. In case of straw hats, ensure that it is tightly woven, has a smooth texture and can stand the wear and tear. Survey reports reveal that women find men attractive when they wear hats. The same goes with the counterpart. Hence, if you love wearing hats, you must have a basic understanding of boater hats.