lady wearing her leather cyclone cowboy hat

Why You Should Get a Leather Cap This Women’s Day

For a long time, leather was only used in clothing for men. Leather represented, and still does to a great extent, power and protection. It was used in armor, shields, and other instruments of war and combat. When women recently started wearing leather, it started to demonstrate women's capabilities by wearing something that was considered extremely masculine. It was only as part of the counter-culture statement that leather, especially leather jackets became unisex clothing.


This woman’s day, remember the roots of women wearing leather and grab another leather accessory traditionally only meant for men; the leather hat. It’s not just for that reason that you should be wearing leather hats, however. 


Leather hats have a surprising number of benefits behind them when you're using them. Leather hats come in various styles and shapes, but all of them provide the same benefit. 


So, let us see some more reasons to buy a leather cap than just remembering the women's rights movement history.

  1. Shape 


If there is one thing that leather can do extremely well, it can hold its shape for ages. A leather cap is no exception. Whether it is a Trilby or a Newsboy, a leather cap will never lose its shape no matter the style.



Compare it to hats made out of other material; you can easily see that other caps have nowhere near the same durability as leather. Whether it is cotton, felt, polyester, wool, or even straw, the constant wear and tear will leave its mark, and the ability of the hat to retain its shape will slowly fade away. Only leather is able to keep its shape after regular use for years on end.

  1. Texture


If you have ever worn a wool or straw hat, then you know that the weave can get incredibly irritating on your scalp and skin. Since leather hats are made with large pieces of leather, the only weaves are the stitching. Not only that, but the leather itself is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.


The texture and lack of any weave mean that leather hats are usually far more comfortable than hats made out of other materials. Cotton and wool are often too scratchy, while felt has too many or too little weaves. Polyester and straw hats are often the worst in terms of scratchiness and are made looser than usual to compensate. 


When you’re wearing a hat, you’re just as often wearing it to protect your head from the elements as you are for style. A hat that sits uncomfortably on your head is perhaps not worth the protection it offers. Leather hats can sit on your head for hours without you feeling discomfort. 

  1. Elasticity


Leather is a very elastic material. It will naturally start to stretch and conform to the shape of your head. You probably have heard of breaking a leather jacket in. The same process happens in the leather hat. Once it has been broken in, it will be the most comfortable fit that you can imagine. 


Not only does this mean that you never have to worry about leather hats suddenly losing their shape, but it also means that you are always completely protected from the elements and always on fleek.

  1. Cleaning 


While other hats can be incredibly punishing if you clean them in the wrong manner, enough to completely ruin their texture and shape, leather hats are much more forgiving. Leather can easily be cleaned using a washcloth. Just run your washcloth under some lukewarm water and use a mild soap to gently clean your leather hat. You don't need to spend money on dry cleaners, and this way of cleaning will remove all dirt and stains. Just be sure not to use detergents unless they are especially mild since detergents can damage the leather due to their chemical nature.


Apply conditioner and polish once a month in order to prevent the outer leather layers from flaking and cracking. 

  1. Long-lasting 


Everyone has heard of leather jackets being passed down in the family. Leather has a ridiculously long life if you maintain it properly, which is easy to do. Your leather can last for generations before becoming useless.


Leather is extremely durable for a reason. If you continually clean your leather hat with the above method and make sure to condition and polish it every once in a while, there is no chance that your leather hat gets damaged anytime soon. 

  1. Eco-friendly 


If you are environmentally conscious, which all of us should be at this point, then you’ll be happy to know that leather hats and leather, in general, are great for the environment. Unlike other fabrics that get damaged and then need to be thrown in the trash and replaced, all activities which are extremely costly to the environment, leather lasts for years and doesn’t need to be replaced often. 


This means that you are not generating large amounts of waste, and you're also wasting fewer resources by constantly producing replacements for damaged products. Leather is in stark contrast to many fast fashion items in this regard.


This is without mentioning the fact that the production of leather is also less harmful to the environment. Since leather is rarely dyed in vibrant or strong colors, it uses less its chemicals in its manufacturing process. Furthermore, the process of making leather itself and processing it into fabrics takes way fewer chemicals than any other fabric. Leather hats are one of the most environmentally friendly options to choose from, perhaps second only to straw hats. 



So, you see, having a leather cap has many benefits over caps made out of other fabrics and materials. Not only that, by buying a leather cap, you are continuing a tradition established so long ago that represents women bringing themselves as equals.